Linked transfers with splits: keep as single transaction in destination account (do not separate)

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Why was this discussion closed?

I have the same issue and it was not resolved in that discussion. It's about functionality from Quicken Mac 2007 that no longer works in Quicken Mac 2020.

See here for the definition of a linked transfer:

Issue: a linked transfer with multiple split lines going to the same account will show up as separate individual transactions in the destination account (it should be a single transaction in both accounts). Therefore, the destination account will not reconcile, because the bank downloads show one transfer for the sum of the multiple individual transactions QM2020 creates. In QM2007 the destination account would correctly have a single transaction that matched the bank-downloaded transaction. You could not access the split details in the destination account register, but that was better than QM2020 creating fake transactions that don't match the bank statements.

Use case: I used to let my mortgage lender escrow my property taxes and insurance. Now I self-escrow them. Every month I transfer $600 from my primary checking to a special savings account dedicated to escrow. $500 is for my property tax and $100 is for homeowners insurance. I want to track each escrow category separately (using the memo or tag field), so I use two split lines in the transfer. This QM2020 behavior means one of the two accounts won't reconcile properly; i.e. if I record the $600 split transaction in the savings account, then the checking account will have two separate transactions (one for $500 and another for $100) that do not match my bank's downloaded transactions. Swapping which account it's recorded in just moves the problem to the other account register.

Right now my workaround is to manually clear/reconcile the individual sub-transactions and manually delete the corresponding downloaded transaction from my bank - I don't like doing that because of the risk of mistakes. The only other workaround I can think of is to do two separate bank transfers every month so they're actually two separate transactions in both Quicken and my bank. But I'd rather not incur extra effort/transactions just to avoid this Quicken behavior. Are there other workarounds I'm not thinking of? How do we get this behavior changed? Is there a feature request I can +1?
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  • This would be an important feature for me. I regularly record my monthly escrow transfer as one transaction with two split lines. Both split lines have the same category (the account being transferred to in brackets), but I set up the splits so I can tag each split line separately and then use the tags to track how much is going into escrow for home insurance vs property taxes. 

    In the source account (checking) this reconciles fine (it is recorded as one transaction, which matches my bank statement), but in the destination account (escrow) Quicken shows two separate transactions, rather than one transaction with two splits. This then doesn’t match my escrow statement, which records it as one transaction. 

    It would be awesome if multiple splits on the same transaction in the source account (both being transferred to the same account) showed up as one transaction with multiple splits in the destination account (effectively mirroring the source account), rather than making it two completely separate transactions.
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    I support this and request the same.

    This current design is an odd departure from Quicken for Windows. Building splits is supposed to save time by reducing the need for multiple transactions just to track the movement of earmarked money.

    If there is no intention of mirroring Q4W then please add the ability to match downloaded transactions to multiple entries. Q4W used to all this.