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  • mark303
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    I don't know if this is the right forum, but I for one would be willing to pay an extra annual fee for international security prices (using ISIN codes) and for bond prices. I don't know if Quicken's vendor has such prices so it's just a case of expanding the database, but I would find this extremely valuable.
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    Hello @mark303

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  • enterfornone
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    That idea already exists here -
    Yet this by all means is not an "idea" but a bugfixing. Quicken nowhere specifies that does not support non-US stocks
  • Chris_QPW
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    Yet this by all means is not an "idea" but a bugfixing. Quicken nowhere specifies that does not support non-US stocks
    And no where did the state they did support them.  Customers can believe whatever they want about the "feature set", but that doesn't make it a requirement/bug for the software.
    This is my website:
  • enterfornone
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    Yes they do, Chris, and we had that discussion on the other thread.

    When they state on their website:
    "Get a handle on all of your investments
    Monitor all your investment accounts with the convenience of a single view
    Track both liquid and retirement holdings including brokerage, 401(k)s, IRAs, options, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds*
    See all investment fees together to understand true market returns"

    The " ALL" above is theirs, not mine text on
    And the footnotes have nothing about exclusion of whole geographies for accounts in fully supported US-based brokerages.

    So in fact they DO say it, but don't deliver. There is no point is having this discussion again.

    The fact is that having an international stock with a US namesake:
    - breaks your whole portfolio value;
    - would create wrong tax reports if you're not careful to manually update;
    - throws your whole portfolio history in the trash;
    - makes the whole net worth function with all reports worthless;

    These things are pretty major, and are completely undocumented, therefore my frustration. I have a long list of minor bugs that I live with, including the incompetent mobile app and many more on the mac version, but you don't see me writing about it here. I live with them. But that one is absolutely back-breaking. If you see your net worth off by tens of thousands and then submit a wrong tax report would you say "oh well"?
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