Should I upgrade feature level from Deluxe to Premier upon subscription renewal

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Good morning, my subscription renews on June 1, as I am currently using Deluxe. Is it worth the extra money to move up to Premier, just for Bill pay? I currently go to the credit card or utility site to pay my bill. Help is appeciated


  • splasher
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    No, not in my opinion.  Personally, I use my FI's free bill pay service with the advantage that, if something goes wrong, there can't be any finger pointing just like there can't be any finger pointing using your current method of doing the pull payment from the credit card company.

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    I agree with @splasher. From the posts on here, there are simply too many problems with the Quicken bill pay system for me to use. Besides, I find it just as easy to use my banks and payee websites to pay my bills.
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    I use my bank's FREE BillPay for  almost everything.  I see no reason to use Q's  problematic BillPay.

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    I think there are some features in the Premier edition that might justify it for some users, but the one thing I would never upgrade to Premier for is to get the "free" bill paying.  If having a totally unreliable system that will cause you to miss bills and trash your credit score sound good to you, then go for it.  Otherwise avoid it.

    In this comment I listed the feature I did find (note that Quicken Bill Pay "free" isn't one of them):

    This is my website:
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    I would not upgrade to Premier for the limited Quick Pay and Check Pay functionality.
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    I actually downgraded from Premier to Deluxe last December.  I had used the original bill pay system for decades but after attempting to use the new Bill Manager payment systems for several months I gave up and decided it was better to use my banks billpay services.  Unless you need the special investment features or want "improved" support access, Premier isn't worth the extra cost (nor the time and frustration that seem to come with it). 

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