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Hi -
I am migrating to an M1 Mac and am forced to abandon my vmware fusion+Windows+Quicken H&B setup.

I've read here that there's no H&B edition for the Mac...

So do folks have any suggestions on:

1) Where (or what successor app) I shold use to maintain the business data--business accounts, invoicing, etc?

2) What literally happens to the Business data during the H&B to Mac conversion?

Are the accounts retained but called something else--and w/o invoice generation functionality?

Thanks much.



  • NotACPA
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    All of your transactions will come over.  The "Business" accounts will be converted to regular Q accounts and all of the H&B functions will be lost.  Invoice generation is an H&B function.
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  • smayer97
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    Consider CrossOver or Parallels which do work on M1.
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  • jacobs
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    Based on your needs, I'd second the idea for continuing to run Quicken Home & Business under Windows in a different virtual machine than Fusion. Parallels just recently released a new version which runs natively on M1 Macs and should therefore have good performance. 
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  • cfer
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    Thanks all for the ideas.

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  • jacobs
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    @cfer  Most of the folks here who heavily use Quicken likely do not also use the other product you mentioned, which is business accounting software. I think it comes down to whether an all-in-one tool like Quicken Home & Business, which handles modest business needs as well as personal finance management, fits your needs. Or whether you need a more robust product for managing your business finances, separate from Quicken for handling things the other one doesn't, such as tracking your investments. 
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