Fixed and Discretionary Expenses (Q Mac Budgets)

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Hello. I would like Quicken to create a way to classify an expense as either Fixed or Discretionary. This would happen in the Category Window. I can do this at the transaction level by using tags, but i would have to do this for every transaction. Being able to classify at the Category level would allow users to understand where they have some flexibility in spending their money. Fixed Expenses (things you have to pay - taxes, mortgage, etc.) vs where there is some discretion.

The user should be able to do the classification themselves. Of course, being able to include the classification field in reports would also be helpful.

Thank the Mac version...i switched from Windows and have never looked back...
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  • buzowen
    buzowen Member
    Yes, please. Then the budget should allow you to quickly show or hide fixed expenses so that they don't clutter the full view when you're managing discretionary expenses.
  • stevemcd444
    stevemcd444 Member
    This would also be very helpful in tracking the difference expense types for tax and budgeting purposes.
  • michael.simi
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    Yes, missing this from Windows version.