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Using Windows Home and Business. I have changed brokers and would like to keep the history of purchases and sales by just changing the name on the acct. But since two accounts were changed, can I or how do I merge the two investment accounts into just one account?


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    Hello @Jane,

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    I have located a couple of discussion threads that discuss merging accounts and moving transactions. click on the oldest,between them will be shaded.

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    Specify what happened "in the real world" here?  Simply changing brokers would, I'd think, mean that you'd have two real world accounts and could simply unlink your existing Quicken Accounts and then re-link them to the new broker.  So why, now, do you want the two Accounts combined?
    If the answer to that last question is that the two accounts and the old broker were transferred into one account at the new broker then one approach, in Quicken, could be to transfer all the securities out of the two old Accounts into one new Account using the "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" action.  That should establish all the securities in the new Account with correct lot information.
    All the history of purchases and sales would certainly still be available to you by referring to the old Accounts.
    In the past when I've switched brokers for one account, I have used the approach of simply linking the "old" Account in Quicken to the new broker, and I suppose you could (after backing up) transfer all securities out of one Quicken Account into the other existing Quicken Account, and then trying that trick, but I could just imagine a lot of problems cropping up and you'd still have to refer back to the old Quicken Account to see the transactions for the securities moved. 
    There's really no good way of merging all the transactions in two Investment Accounts.
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    Another possible reason might be that there were proprietary securities at the old broker that couldn't be transferred over, but rather had to be sold and the cash moved.  Was that the case?

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