How to view loan register

It's fine to see all that useful information that Quicken displays by default, but I want to see an account register---each loan payment, with the date and the running balance. Is this not possible?


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    If you have set the loan up for downloading, there is NOTHING to see, that is the way it was designed.
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    Well, if that's so, it's pretty lousy; So when I make a loan payment using a checking account, I see the outgoing payment in the checking register, but I can't see the incoming loan payment in the loan register? And that's by design? What idiot made that design choice?
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    It is similar to what was done with investments accounts.  Some people want a Simple view while others what a Complete view.
    Setting up a loan to be connected to the lender provides a Simple view of the register, no transaction details...very similar to what is presented with Simple Investing.
    If you want the Complete view of the loan you will need to disconnect it from the lender.  You will no longer get account information downloaded from the lender but will instead have a manual loan and will be able to see the loan register with payments info, running balance, amortization schedule, etc. 
    Manual loans will set up a Loan Reminder that you can then enter each month (or payment period) into the Loan register.  The Loan Reminder will be a transfer from the checking account and has a split category for principal, interest, etc.  The amounts of the principal and interest will be automatically adjusted when the Loan Reminder is entered based upon the date of the transaction.  Then when the loan payment transaction is downloaded from your bank it is or can be matched to the Loan Reminder that was entered into the register.  And it provides a direct link from your checking account register to the loan, something that does not exist with a connected Loan.
    I and many of the other superusers generally recommend setting up loans as manual accounts instead of connected accounts.  But the choice is up to the user and what they want.  Since you want to see all that detail, I suggest you disconnect your loan from the lender.  Perhaps you will find this to be of help: FAQ: How do I convert a loan account that automatically downloads transactions, to a manual entry/sc.
    What some do instead of trying to convert their loan, especially if the loan is relatively new with little history in Quicken, is to delete the loan and then set up a new manual loan account.  Again, it is a matter of choice.
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