R42.21 - Amex OL-294-A error.



  • Judyrb
    Judyrb Member ✭✭
    This is an update for my previous issues. Doing nothing at all, on 8/4 I ran OSU and AMEX completed normally. Before it was a 2-3 sec instant error. I had no transactions from OSU but I don't use that account a lot. Someone said it may have been a change from AMEX itself, not Quicken. My results seem to support that. Hope it continues!
  • bgrodski
    bgrodski Member ✭✭
    I was having the same issue up until several days ago, but now it's working fine. I'm running an updated Windows 10 and Quicken R42.21 Build I deactivated Online Services and reactivated. The only difference is that I was manually downloading transactions to a Quicken .QFX file, then importing them into Quicken for a while. Maybe this process triggered something that allowed the deactivate/reactivate process to work? Anyway it's been running fine for me for three days now.
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