Quicken Mac v6.9 has been released!

Quicken Victoria
Quicken Victoria Administrator, Employee, Mac Beta Beta

This release has several updates throughout the product, improvements to the banks’ connectivity, and overall product stability.

You can always review latest changes by going to Help > What's New in Quicken. 

Thank you!
-Quicken Mac team


  • Just Lurking
    Just Lurking Mac Beta Beta
    I only just realized this has been posted, quite by accident. I believe there have been no comments on this post so far because it's not showing up in the "Product Releases and Announcements" section. See screenshot below of the first few lines of that section - the 6.8 announcement is the latest one that shows up.

    @Quicken Anja perhaps there's a fix you can make.

  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It's there, but because it didn't get stickied as an Announcement it's down below all the other release notices.
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  • Snoopy FC
    Snoopy FC Member ✭✭✭✭
    Looking forward a V7.0 release that includes more substantive improvements (lifetime financial planning) and bug fixes (Portfolio graph includes data from all hidden accounts).  
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