Runtime Exception Error Starting Quicken [System.Exception: Failed to start image manager]



  • katie
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    I am having the same issue since the last update the last couple of days. I get a trojan threat when opening Quicken and then a runtime error. Sure do not feel good that the fix is to disable my Avast Security?
  • Also getting a malware warning from Avast
  • This happened to me too - started yesterday after I did a Quicken Update. I talk to Quicken Support today and they tried to tell me it was not their issue, it was my Avast.
  • Quicken [Jared] The removal of Quicken and the deletion of the Quicken folder from the x86 folder, and reinstallation of Quicken from the link that you provided DOES NOT solve the issue. The exact same issue continues to be a problem!
  • kbstackhouse
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    I suspect there is something amiss in the Avast virus definitions that was updated (on my PC) the morning of Sept 18. Updates to Quicken and Windows OS were several days before the problem started to happen. Avast is also causing problems to my windows live mail (and other programs, too).
  • sarahb
    sarahb Member
    I am having the same Runtime Exception/AVG message about "rund32.exe[23732] being infected with Win32:Malware-gen". I have scanned my computer (AVG scan, clean) but I am reluctant to open Quicken because I still get the Runtime Exception notice. This started yesterday afternoon and is ongoing. Is this a Quicken problem to solve or an AVG problem?
  • fjh
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    Avast and AVG are the same company and likely use the same virus definitions. This could be an Avast issue. I’ve been following this thread and I don’t recall seeing anyone report an issue with an AV other than Avast or AVG. I did scan the rundll32.exe file with Avast and it reported it as clean.
  • lavesa
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    Same issue here. Is this a situation where AVG/Avast has incorrectly marked rundll32.exe as being infected? Is it the way Quicken uses this DLL? I ran a scan from AVG on the windows folder, including SYSWOW64 folder, and it says no malware found. So, why would a "threat secured" message show up if a scan from the same product not find malware?

    Is anyone from Intuit paying attention? It's obviously not an isolated issue. Also, last week qw.exe was flagged and quarantined. I had to restore the file. Not sure if it's related or not. Annoying.
  • tivoli
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    Just uninstalled Avast and problem disappeared
  • NCFM80
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    > @MellowD said:
    > > @kbstackhouse said:
    > > Me too. I think a virus program removed a needed file. Did anyone else see this happen first?
    > I'm getting the same error and I have run a deep virus scan with nothing showing up also a malware, again nothing.

    I just got a system update and when Windows started Avast blocked "Rundll32.exe [13152]" which Avast said was "infected with Win32:Malware-Gen" allegedly.
  • NCFM80
    NCFM80 Member ✭✭
    This Avast finding was followed by the same Quicken error listed by others.
  • Jerry E
    Jerry E Member
    I am also getting the same Runtime Exception error starting Quicken. As others have pointed out, it began with an update to Avast and then followed a few days later with an update to Quicken.
  • Same here. This has been happening for about 4 days.
  • JimInAZ
    JimInAZ Member ✭✭
    I've got it now also. I turned off AVG protection, and Quicken now runs okay.
  • Linda8888
    Linda8888 Member ✭✭
    But what concerns me is the Malware warning. Don’t want to take chances with that.
  • Devine
    Devine Member
    I have had this problem since yesterday also. My quicken is not working. I uninstalled quicken and re-installed. Now it crashes and will not load at all after receiving the error. I also have AVG. On the phone
    with quicken for help.
    Did anyone get this resolved?
  • Linda8888
    Linda8888 Member ✭✭
    I’ve given up for the day!! Will contact Quicken in the morning and insist that this is a QUICKEN FOR WINDOW problem.
  • fjh
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    Weird how all users with this error have Avast or AVG. Has anyone with a different antivirus program received this error?
  • Linda8888
    Linda8888 Member ✭✭
    I run Windows 10 and not Windows 11. The Sep 14 Windows update said my computer doesn’t have capacity for 11.
  • as2qkn
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    @quicken Jared, you want us to run a program flagged as malware or induces malware to run to dump logs from our system? Just to make your life easier? As noted on Avast's site and here, it is trivial to reproduce, so how about you doing the work instead?
  • I was on the phone for 45 minutes with quicken support!!! After doing everything I was told to do, was finally told it was my computer and needed to take it to a computer tech!!! After downloading a patch and rebooting, Quicken now works. I signed in to, clicked on access apts and downloaded. Then, after a reboot, no more problems.
  • Linda8888
    Linda8888 Member ✭✭
    I was told to contact a tech as well.
  • stejac
    stejac Member
    I'm having the same issue
  • Linda8888
    Linda8888 Member ✭✭
    What is the patch name
  • Kalman
    Kalman Member ✭✭
    This is the Avast forum topic I started earlier today.
    I also submitted to them a false positive report.
  • Kalman
    Kalman Member ✭✭
    I have a trouble ticket submitted to Avast.
    The threat is being detected by Avast Anti-exploit shield.
    You may want to add your issue into the avast forum topic above.
  • I have the same problem. Can't access Quicken at all. What are we supposed to do. I tried all the suggestions about updating virus definitions etc & nothing works.
  • Scud_1373
    Scud_1373 Member ✭✭
    Getting the same error. This is kinda ridiculous.

    System.Exception: Failed to start image manager
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.hiva()
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.mccq()

  • cebly
    cebly Member
    The same thing happened to me today (Avast triggered on rundll.exe and Quicken opens with the same "System.Exception: Failed to start image manager" error. Earlier comments on potential causes seem consistent with what I'm seeing. Any adive/solutions found?
  • LostUser
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    Now also getting the following warning before the Run Time Exception message:

    Can somebody help with that? Or should this request be posted somewhere else? Thank you.
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