Runtime Exception Error Starting Quicken [System.Exception: Failed to start image manager]



  • amirbs
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    Upgrade AVG virus definitions to 220921-2.
    If using "AVG Internet Security," upgrade this application to v.22.9.3254. Restart PC.
  • irasend1
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    Tried the "solution". Problem persists.
  • Nermal
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    Still persists. Updated Avast definitions today, version number 220921-7 has not changed. Warning received again ONLY when opening Quicken. Am able to run Quicken, but after over 14 years am starting to consider spreadsheets again. The ESPP function no longer works at all anymore either, and that's been weeks and hasn't been resolved. Did Quicken totally quit QA'ing their product before release?
  • Come on Quicken/Intuit! This has been going on for over a week with no resolution!! You guys created this problem with the latest update, either roll the update back, or get a patch out for crying out loud!!
  • If this truly is malware that has made it's way into our financial data via a Quicken Update of the rundll32.exe I might be a tad upset regarding the lack of transparency and the lack of communication that Quicken seems to be providing! Is this a joke to those at Quicken? Quicken has some of my most confidential personal information! It might be a wise decision to provide full disclosure as to WTF is going on from some of the highest levels of customer / technical service at Quicken! [Jared if you haven't elevated this, it might be wise to do so]
  • Maybe this time :-)
    Windows 10 Pro 21H1
    AVG version 22.9.3254 build 22.9.7554.439 definitions 220921-2
    verified no further AVG updates
    restarted Windows
    started/stopped Quicken multiple times with intervening Firefox and AVG UI activity - no alerts so far

    if the problem keeps reappearing, I'm guessing that, given that rundll32.exe seems related in some cases to image display, perhaps there are usage scenarios where Quicken and other rundll32.exe activity trigger AVG identifying a "threat" with the Quicken startup. For example, I've noticed reference to rundll32.exe during dismount of my Anker SD card reader.
  • as2qkn
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    I agree: revert to get us working again, then fix the underlying issue you have with your code that was clearly poorly tested.
  • no luck. Got the AVG threat popup with Quicken running while editing a Memo entry in a banking register. The next startup generated the exception popup.
  • Teckman
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    My Quicken program crashes every time since I started encountering this issue. Same as everyone in this thread, but it seems to have gotten worse, since the program won't even load now...
  • I updated AVG and the problem seems to be gone. Don't appreciate this AVG!
  • Nermal
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    It won't last....
  • amirbs
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    > @amirbs said:
    > SOLUTION(s):
    > Upgrade AVG virus definitions to 220921-2.
    > If using "AVG Internet Security," upgrade this application to v.22.9.3254. Restart PC.

    The "solution" above turned out to be temporary.

    So my band-aid "solution" for now is to add the following AVG file scan exception:
    C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rundll32.exe file
  • Hotrod papa
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    > @coletann said:
    > Same thing happened to me today (9/18) after Quicken performed its update. I also received the virus popup AntiVirus blocked the following:
    > rundll32.exe[15564] infected with win32:Malwar-gen

    I get the same message!
  • Hotrod papa
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    I'm getting the same message.
  • DavidGG
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    2022 09 21 10:55 Eastern time USA

    I just spoke at length with Avast.

    They suggested running Repair on Avast One (instead of update or uninstall / install). Then restart your Windows 11 device (I have a Lenovo Flex 5).

    This has worked. Quicken now starts normally.

    Good luck

  • DavidGG
    DavidGG Member ✭✭
    Try 'repair' on Avast One.
    Avast support talked me through it and Quicken now works for me - no more runtime exception rundll32.
    I can't see the comment I attempted to add 5 minutes ago. Are there instructions for the community facilities?
  • Having all the same issues since 9/18/2022. I am going to wait it out until the Quicken Team determines the cause of the error since I am able to continue using the program. I do have concerns about what else could be going on. Thanks everyone for your comments. They were all very helpful.
  • I get a message from Avast Premium

    rundll32.exe infected with Win32:Malware.exe

    Quicken will crash

    I can only start Quicken by deactivating Avast Premium
  • Apparently still a problem? Can open Quicken but crashes when I load my file. Just "upgraded" to R43.26 this morning (unfortunately).
  • kmagnush
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    Just like everyone else, am getting a run-time error as soon as I open Quicken - even before it asks me to enter my password. Through yesterday, I was also getting a message from AVG about a potential threat, but that didn't happen today. Because I am concerned about the run-time error, I close the error message box, log in to Quicken, then restore from the previous backup (since I have no idea if the run-time error messed anything up).

    Would be nice if Quicken really tried to look into this. The only response I see from them is to send in a copy of the run-time error message, and everyone's message looks the same.

    What's going on, Quicken?
  • DITTO Same problem
  • Berto
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    Same issue her., thought it was AVG but then I uninstalled it and ran Quicken - same issue. So then I uninstalled Quicken (don't do it) and reinstalled - now I can't get back into Quicken...
  • rlbaker
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    The Avast update seemed to work, but the error came back. I ran the Avast "repair" and it also seemed to work for two Quicken sessions, but the error has now returned.
  • Syl22
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    Ditto I am having the same issue. When will Quicken fix this???
  • stephen
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    Mine also. Using Avast:

    System.Exception: Failed to start image manager
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.hiva()
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.mccq() vs AVG
  • temco_rep
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    Same here Quicken, come on now how about an update! (AVG user )
  • Has anyone had issues using malware detection other than AVG and Avast (which may be using the same detection and definitions)? If not, the cause seems to be with a combination of:
    1. something (perhaps many things) that Quicken is doing involving rundll32.exe
    2. new detection algorithms and/or malware definitions in AVG and Avast
    3. possibly interaction with other Windows app activity
    Some observations from this thread:
    1. the problems appeared for many users starting 9/18, often many days after the last Windows and/or Quicken updates
    2. AVG/Avast definitions are updated frequently (daily?)
    3. updating AVG/Avast sometimes temporarily stops the alerts, but they reappear
    4. the alerts occur under varying scenarios - e.g., startup, shutdown, activity in Quicken
    5. rundll32.exe is used for many purposes, including image-related operations
    6. detection of Malware-gen is apparently a generic threat profile
    This all seems to point to:
    1. it's unlikely that Quicken can be fixed to cover all uses of rundll32.exe
    2. AVG/Avast need to be fixed to identify and exclude any specific threat profiles that are currently being alerted, but have probably been present in Quicken for a long time
  • Same issue here with AVG.
  • I don't know whose problem it is, Quicken or Avast but for me turning off Anti-Exploit Shield in Avast solves the problem temporarily. The setting in Avast is under Settings, Protection, Core Shields and then uncheck
    Enable Anti- Exploit Shield.
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    edited September 2022
    System.Exception: Failed to start image manager
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.hiva()
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.mccq()

    {large block of encrypted data - deleted - not needed here}
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