Runtime Exception Error Starting Quicken [System.Exception: Failed to start image manager]

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Since today (9/18/2022), when starting Quicken, I receive a Windows "RunTime Exception" error message pop-up window (see attached image). It says "Windows Exception - Failed to Start Image Manager... Contact your Software Vendor".
If I hit "OK" quicken does load, and seems to operate (I was able to download bank transactions), but I am worried about the fact that I am getting this error when starting quicken. I have reinstalled Quicken completely, but am still getting the error.
I am attaching a screenshot that shows the error message.
Any ideas on the cause and how to resolve?

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  • Quicken Jared
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    Hello everyone,

    I apologize that you are being affected by these problems with online banking services. Thank you for letting us know about this here on the Quicken Community. 

    It would benefit us immensely in our efforts to look into this issue if you could navigate to Help > Report a problem... in the upper menu at the top of the screen in order to submit program log files. You may also submit a brief description of the problem along with any available screenshots. Note that these submissions are purely for investigative purposes, and you will not receive a response through them. We do not have an ETA regarding a resolution. Our teams will investigate this issue further, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thanks for your patience.


    Quicken Jared 


  • as2qkn
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    I have the exact same issue. This is not an isolated problem.

    My Windows 10 was updated on 9/14/2022 with:

    For me the exception information is as follows (if posting the full dump can help please let me know):

    System.Exception: Failed to start image manager
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.hiva()
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.mccq()

    ... cut for brevity

  • einstem
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    That looks just like my error message. Looks perhaps an issue with a Windows Update and Quicken.. now the fun starts for them to figure out "who" is at fault and needs to fix something.. Windows or Quicken... I guess I can consider rolling-back my Windows Update to the prior version if they can't figure it out.. at least things seem to "work".. but worried that there is an underlying issue here..
  • vz2z9999
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    Im getting the exact same issue
  • David13
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    I am on WIndows 10 20H2 and just started getting the same error today (9/18) after the Quicken updated. I have not update the OS within the last week, so doubt if an OS update is the issue, unless one done previously conflicts with the new Quicken update. ALso does not affect QUicken starting up, but looks like it might have something to do with error recovery (perhaps a OS disk image saved on startup to help in the case of a crash) so makes me nervous. Make sure you have backups!!
  • MellowD
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    > @kbstackhouse said:
    > Me too. I think a virus program removed a needed file. Did anyone else see this happen first?

    I'm getting the same error and I have run a deep virus scan with nothing showing up also a malware, again nothing.
  • man910
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    > @jagreenfield said:
    > This might be the fault of AVG AntiVirus being overly aggressive about blocking Malwar-gen, which appears to be a generic threat profile.
    > my systems: Windows 10 Pro version 21H1 build 19043.2006
    > I run Quicken daily. The last Quicken update was many days ago and the last Windows update was 9/14, so I would tend to blame AVG AntiVirus newly identifying something being used by Quicken for a while.

    I also run (start / exit / start / exit) multiple times a day and did not have any issues after updating Windows 10 and Quicken a few days ago. Avast didn't report that it blocked anything either. It's strange that it just started happening for everyone on 9/18/2022.
  • gmichie
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    I'm seeing this too. I did get a report for a Win32:Malware-Gen in my Malware software upon booting up this morning.
  • MellowD
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    edited September 2022
    I agree it started after the recent Quicken update. It also seems like my cursor jumps around more. IDK may be a coincidence or all in my mind but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  • I concur with crossjw. When I disable Avast One you do not see the issue.
  • dreggs
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    Same thing with my update.

    System.Exception: Failed to start image manager
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.hiva()
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.mccq()

    Started after Quicken updated and Avast found the change next time I rebooted. Seems to work if I ignore it, but really dislike it when updates mess with me. Do not use any banking or investing downloads, on Windows 11 Home 21H2, Avast 22.8.6030 (build 22.8.7500.748)
  • readme
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    Ditto to everyone else's problem. Also got the error message from AVG about the Malware, so I tend to agree. Waiting for AVG to correct the problem
  • bestaff
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    I received the same errors, but mine occurred after a power failure on my block
  • clotich
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    same here; simply stating as such here so that I can (hopefully) monitor and check on fix.
  • I have run into the same problem. Worked fine yesterday (09-17-22) but started with the "System Exception" message like everyone else.
  • EHBjr
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    The last update is now causing a runtime error when I execute the software. For the sake of brevity I will not paste the entire print out.
    System.Exception: Failed to start image manager
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.hiva()
    at EO.Internal.vpsi.wxpi.mccq()
  • Timesup
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    I have the same problem and did get a message from Avast about blocking something.
  • bobmcg
    bobmcg Member, Windows Beta Beta
    R43.26 update has serious problems: select account, accept all new transactions, and QW enters endless loop of screen refreshes (taskbar alternates between one and two QW instances, one blank and one populated); performance has slowed to the point where navigation is so sluggish QW is almost unusable.  This requires a rapid response from Quicken support.
  • Stilicho
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  • tony-m
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    Same here. I just reported to AVG tech support.
  • tony-m
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    IF anyone is going to report to AVG, you better get screenshots. And that first one is hard to get I had to completely uninstall Quicken, use AVG to shred the quicken program directory, and re-install just to get that rundll messages, and that was not good enough
    for them.
  • crossjw
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    Anybody reported this to Quicken other than via this discussion?
  • crossjw
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    NVM. I'm doing it (chat) now. Will advise.
  • Kalman
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    I started receiving the same error today.
    Been using quicken for over 25 years never saw this before.
    Anti-virus Avast Premium Security.
    Windows 11 Pro 22H2
    Windows was updated a week ago and Avast 08/19.
    When I restart my computer the issue goes away but will then occur after a few uses.
    Added exceptions in Avast does not help. Looks more like the way Quicken is accessing rundll32.exe
  • Kalman
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    I should add this occurs only after I start Quicken and avast sends an alert that rundll32.exe is infected with malware. This only occurs with quicken and I scan daily and I have no infections.
  • Kalman
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    After I opened Quicken for the third time error occurred
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