Runtime Exception Error Starting Quicken [System.Exception: Failed to start image manager]



  • kbstackhouse
    kbstackhouse Member ✭✭
    This morning my Quicken started up without the virus alert. I suspect that the morning Avast Virus definition update (221025-0) fixed the problem. Then, I saw that Quicken had a pending update (not yet installed) that said it fixed "issues causing crashes for some users" (Version R44.28 HF4). I installed it and all still worked OK, so that claim is yet to be confirmed. I guess I am happy that both Avast and Quicken did respond quicker this time.
  • bsaintg
    bsaintg Member ✭✭
    > @CampbellSteve said:
    > I updated both Quicken & AVG yesterday (9/21) but that didn't help. I also filed a suspected "false-positive" report with AVG. Overnight, AVG updated the virus definitions to 220922-2 and the problem appears to be gone.

    Yeah, new virus definitions fixed it for me too, Q. now startin' irie. Thank you, AVG!
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