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SNAP! Out of balance situation which I could not locate until I realized it is a PENDING transaction. How does one turn the 'feature' OFF?

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    If this just started it is likely because there are pending transactions in the account.  Even though this was not announced until R44.20, the capability was acutally initiated in R43.32.  You can read some of the posts about pending transactions to learn more.

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    Did you just update to R44.20?
    R44.20 includes a new feature for downloads of pending transactions.  These pending transactions don't get added into the Account Register balance but they do get added to the balance of the account in the Accounts Bar on the left.
    Hopefully, Quicken will be releasing a fix for this issue soon.  Until then, to resolve the issue now: 
    • At the bottom of the Account Register just to the left of Ending Balance you will see an hourglass with a downward pointing triangle. 
    • Click on that hourglass and then select Hide Pending Transactions.
    Does this resolve the issue for you?
  • Boatnmaniac
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    You might want to read this discussion thread:
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    It’s the new Pending Transactions feature. 
    You can turn it off by clicking the tiny “hourglass” at the bottom of the Register
    I have been going thru and asking Mods to MERGE the various similar postings...
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    Thank you. Simple and elegant.
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and reporting the issues with Pending Transactions, though we apologize for the trouble.

    Our teams are aware of the issues and have released a server patch (this is not something that needs to be installed) to turn off the feature while we work on the issues. No action is required on your part. Unedited, pending transactions should no longer appear in your account registers.

    Thank you!


  • MG99
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    is anyone else now having this issue after upgrading to r44.20. now a few of my accounts show the wrong balances in the summary. e.g. if bank account detail is $1,000, the summary is showing $2,500. the detail legends are correct but the summary is showing some crazy number. Quicken please advise and fix.
  • I am also finding many issues with R44.20. Regarding this one, the account balance didn't update after deleting a transaction.
  • K109
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    If you click the down arrow by the hourglass in the bottom middle of the register, it allows you to turn on and off the pending transactions. However, at least for me, it's not allowing the option for excluding the pending transactions from your current and ending balance to be selected.
  • K109
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    I am able to turn pending transactions on and off, but the option to include or exclude them from the current and ending balances is grayed out and not able to be selected. I would like for them to show, but not be included in the balances. The transactions are also not able to be selected to match transactions I have already entered.
  • K109
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    It may have to do with pending transactions. At the bottom of the register is a down arrow by an hourglass. Clicking on that will show the option to turn on or off pending transactions, which are being included in the current and ending balances. I am not able to select the option currently to have the pending transactions included or excluded from the current and ending balances.
  • retird
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    4 updates put out in September ?  All have had issues.  I'm sticking with R43.14 for a while longer.  

    Windows 11 (2 separate computers)..... Quicken Premier.. HAVE USED QUICKEN CONTINUOUSLY SINCE 1985.

  • teeth6
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    I see in the latest update it is now possible to show "pending" transactions when downloading from a bank and this option can be turned on or off. It is not clear HOW to turn this on or off. Please advise
  • Roger Everson
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    Same question.

    The release notes say, "You can now choose to display Pending Transactions if they are available for download from your financial institution."

    How do I find out if they are available from my Financial Institution? The Quicken Help says, "This feature is scheduled for a future release. It is not yet available."

    Seems like the help system should be updated at the same time as the features update.
  • MG99
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    i wish i stuck with earlier version...from now on, i am waiting for updates
  • teeth6
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    Thanks. I see that now. Once a pending transaction clears, it is supposed to disappear from the pending list and become a part of your register, I think.
  • markus1957
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    In addition to not being able to Exclude pending transactions from totals, I cannot delete older pending transactions that were never matched. That results in incorrect balances being shown.
  • I could really do with a picture here as well as better docs I'm not sure where to click : :*
  • SFoster
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    I am having the same issue. Out of balance register and I can't turn off the pending transaction feature.
  • Ken B.
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    And found another glitch that is now not letting me even manually balance it... The update brought over items that were previously cleared & reconciled. So when attempting to balance, there is an additional "Cleared Balance" line on the reconcile screen that is making the online & current balance even more off from what is real &/or showing online on the actual bank website... I am officially not a happy Quicken user anymore...
  • Chris_QPW
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    MG99 said:
    i wish i stuck with earlier version...from now on, i am waiting for updates
    You can rollback by installing the old Mondo Patch:
    This is my website:
  • Same here. SMH... Quicken is used by those of us who want or need to balance accounts. Otherwise and Simplifi are better options. I've been fighting with pendings in my Citi Costco card for too long now. Might be time.
    Windows 11
    Quicken Premier via Subscription
  • Mark1104
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    I experienced the same thing today.  Using R44.20.  Are the pending transactions posted at your bank as what are called 'soft post' transaction in the banking industry? 

    Here is my experience.  I recelive my pension on the first (today / Saturday) and my social security on the 3rd.   These two transactions are reflected at my Bank as 'pending transactions'.  In Banking parlance, these are 'soft posts' so I have use of the cash but they are not 'hard posted' to my account.  

    My Quicken Balance (the left screen) is inflated by the pension because I have it posted in my register for Oct 1 (today) and the pending transaction has also been added to the balance.  I suspect that will resolve itself on Monday when the pension payment 'hard posts' at the Bank, eliminating the 'pending' or 'soft post' transaction.  If the 1st hadn't been a non-banking day, this would not have occured. 

    My Quicken Balance (the left screen) also includes the social security payment as a pending transaction that my register has dated for Monday, Oct 3.  

    So what is occuring - and it is confusing - is the balance on the left side matches the Bank balance, including the pending transactions (other than my duplicated pension payment, but I understand that)

    the "online" balance at the bottom of the resigster correctly matches my Bank's balance WITHOUT the pending transactions and I can tie this out to the register transactions, if I exclude the pension payment dated Oct 1 and the social security payment dated Oct 3.

    I wonder if this problem is exacerbated because Sept 30th / Friday was a payday for many, so on the morning of the 30th, there is a pending transaction for the direct deposit and others who receive pension payments on the 1st experience the same thing today??????

    There does not seem to be an option to exclude "pending" transactions. 

    I am using Bank of America. 

  • Greg Lampe
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    Me too.  Spent an hour this morning trying to figure out why my budgets didn't match my balances.  And why my register balance didn't match the balance in the account selection pane.  Too days in a row fixing Quicken problems/features.  Pending transactions should not be included in the reconcile screen!  I'm on the subscription service.  Is there a way to turn off the automatic updates?  
  • GermanBlueRam
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    I could really do with a picture here as well as better docs I'm not sure where to click :

    You should be able to see it at the lower right hand corner of the register for your Express Web Connect+ account.  Look for the hourglass as mentioned above.
  • TGSmith300
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    I had scheduled payments in the register that jumped to the pending payments tab. That is worthless for me. I need to see them in the register so I can project my balances and move money, if necessary. I get the "soft" transactions that haven't officially posted to be there but not payments I've scheduled myself. Such a stupid "upgrade" without any way to change it.
  • MBerwin
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    Something is wrong with the Account Bar for the past two months.

    The online balance and the ending balance for a Citi credit card account in the Quicken register match, which also matches the balance of the account online. However, the balance in the Account Bar in Quicken is a different number, which doesn't correspond to the register balance or the online balance. The amount of the discrepancy doesn't equal the amount of any single transaction either.

    Also, on all accounts, the red flag indicating downloaded transactions is not clearing after approving the transactions and clicking "Done."
  • UKR
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    Please read this discussion about the new function to include/exclude pending transactions in EWC or EWC+ connected accounts. Applies to R 43.xx or R 44.xx Quicken versions.
  • jgabel
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    Just started today 10-1-2022 where the ending balance in my register does not equal the balance reported in my account listing for several accounts (not all). Any clue how to fix?
  • tanstaafl
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    The same thing is happening to me on one of my credit cards. This seems like a problem for Quicken to resolve.
  • stever21
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    I'm having the same issue. Spoke with Customer Service yesterday and they said it was due to a new feature that was added yesterday (9/30/22). The fix that they had me apply didn't fix the problem. I sent a problem report to them as well.
  • Larry Clement
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    Simplifi is a Quicken product. Why would that be better?

    I like Mint, but all the data is on a cloud server somewhere which is a security concern. No matter how "secure" they claim, hackers take that as a challenge. Nope.

    I've been a disgruntled Quicken user for years but I've data from 2003. Oh and the moderator has threatened to sanction me on this site because they say I'm negative. Just like Russia or China. Don't say negative things or you risk getting the boot.

    All I want is a functioning program. I'm paying to enjoy all this angst.
  • Chris_QPW
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    Simplifi is a Quicken product. Why would that be better?

    I like Mint, but all the data is on a cloud server somewhere which is a security concern. No matter how "secure" they claim, hackers take that as a challenge. Nope.
    Note that Simplifi is a cloud based solution too, so if you don't like that idea you definitely don't want it either.


    BTW these are both "aggregator" systems just like Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect +.  As such I have never found any of them that don't have constant problems.  Whether a given individual will have a problem or not depends a lot on luck and the financial institutions they happen to pick.

    For the services that have forums like Mint, Simplifi, ... you will find that this is a constantly reported problem.  That is what you get when the financial institution will not settle on a standardized protocol.
    This is my website:
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    I have the same issue, and there are NO pending transactions
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