Fidelity NetBenefits (QWIN)



  • BrittMayo
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    Working. And this establishes that, as most of us suspected, Fidelity broke it and Fidelity had to be the ones to fix it. As others have noticed, Quicken's communications game is nowhere near the level it needs to be but, otherwise, they were the victim here, not the perpetrator.
  • JStew66
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    Worked for me this morning for the first time in 2 weeks.

  • whodiini
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    It finally worked for me the first time since Mar 7. 3 weeks. I would cut Quicken a little slack since they didnt break it and it required Fidelity to fix what they broke. 3 weeks to fix maybe due to Fidelity more than Quicken. This response is considerably different than, for example, checkpay. That broke about 6 months ago for me and hasnt worked since.

  • Vesparado
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    Got a good download last evening, too! Looks like they got it fixed!
  • DPP28
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    Good to go this afternoon !
  • TrentTh
    TrentTh Member

    SUCCESS! Worked for me this morning for the first time since 3/5!

  • z3razerviper
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    been almost a month started working yesterday for me

  • dhcernese
    dhcernese Member ✭✭
    Did anyone's March transactions download? Mine did not.
    Quicken Premier R48.18 on Windows10 now. I started with MYM (Managing Your Money) on DOS
  • PRich
    PRich Member

    Uploaded Quicken Update 48.15 and NetBenefits download is now working again.

  • craigin805
    craigin805 Member ✭✭
    I got my march 22 downloads, but not my march 8. But i had already done my march 8 manually
  • baxterdale
    baxterdale Member ✭✭
    issue fixed for me.

    hey Q, maybe you should get together with Fido and pass out some type of nicely worded explanation to this community. then maybe offer some type of discount or incentive to the users of this 23 page thread (wow) for presumably staying with your product until an issue that surely could have been caught with minimal automated testing.
  • DouglasB
    DouglasB Windows Beta Beta

    Seems Fidelity had a big roll out of changes which included updates to the workflow w/Quicken. They may have simply chosen to go out with the issue (right, wrong or indifferent) or they've negelected all along to have a test case for this and just missed it. We'll never know. What's 2 (or 3) weeks in the grand scheme of things?

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Member

    Same problem as decribed above, Thi sha sbeen a long time now !

  • njsg
    njsg Member ✭✭
    Just updated all my account and Netbenefits is now working. Thanks To all!
  • All, this seems corrected for me now - after taking the latest Quicken update this morning. The downloads from NetBenefits is working again.
  • ksspec
    ksspec Member

    When will this be fixed error since 3/7/23?

  • Elite$
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    Like many of you, I have spent the past 3 weeks following this forum and several hours troubleshooting this error. The problem seems to have been corrected (at least working for now). However, for Quicken to download transactions in order to update my account, I had to first 'Deactivate' the affected account (located under the 'Online Services' tab for that account), and then I had to 'Add Account' from Fidelity Netbenefits by linking only the affected account to the existing account (which I had previously deactivated). I did not "link" or "add" any other accounts. For my situation, simply doing a 'One Step Update' did not update the affected account without going through these additional steps. All of my transactions for the past 9 years were still there with a couple of transactions added since March 7. I am currently using Quicken Deluxe version R48.15 Build on Windows 10 Home. I highly recommend making a complete backup of your very important file, if your situation is similar to mine.

  • Well I re-linked my accounts yesterday and it worked, but today I am getting OL-301A SMH

  • Tholland1
    Tholland1 Member

    I deactivated, and reactivated. The updates look like they worked, no error message, but no transaction s updated at all?? I still have no updates for all of March, closed Quicken, restarted, deactivated and reactivated again and same issue - not updating transactions but no longer getting error message. Anyone else seeing this problem? I am in the same exact place as I was earlier - just without an error message?

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Member

    I dont get the download errors any more but now the investment accounts suddenly double in value(I could only wish) becuse a cash entry is made equal to the size of the portfolio. I cannot stil download historical prices for the securties without a ticker symbol in these accounts.

  • Zeka
    Zeka Member ✭✭
    Same for me - no updates/downloads for transactions during last couple of weeks when functionality was broken. Thus, looks like it is not working.
  • EvDob
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    edited March 28
    Now my Fidelity Investments, Fidelity NetBenefits, and Vanguard are showing the OL-362-A error.

    OK, I seem to have fixed it by closing & reopening Quicken after I'd added Schwab accounts.
  • 66Vette
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    Finally working again!!
  • snowland
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    Same issue: Version 6.12.5 (Build 612.47953.100) / macOS 13.2.1

  • JDOB28
    JDOB28 Member

    Working again. Not sure if it was a Quicken update or Fidelity fix, but THANK YOU, whoever it was!!

  • mo.moslehi
    mo.moslehi Member

    Don't you want to solve this error?!

    I've been experiencing this issue for more than 2 months!!!

  • FlyGuyTx
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    While this has been marked "resolved" by Quicken, I continue to have issues. Although there is no longer an error during the update process, no transactions have been downloaded since March 6th. After that one successful update, Quicken reports all share balances from Fidelity NetBenefits as 0. Something is still seriously wrong with this. I do not want to have to enter a month's worth of transactions manually. (Note: resetting, and even disabling/re-enabling online services did not resolve).
  • dhcernese
    dhcernese Member ✭✭
    After the update that "resolved" this problem-- I also had no transactions. I had to reset the account. ..then I got only the last 2 transactions in March (not the earlier ones).
    Quicken Premier R48.18 on Windows10 now. I started with MYM (Managing Your Money) on DOS
  • Jeff Lawrence
    Jeff Lawrence Member ✭✭
    I have the similar issue. Doesn’t throw an error message. Just no update for transactions since 2/7/23 and I have been notified by Fidelity via email have new transactions. I’ve tried disconnecting all my fidelity accounts and connecting them again with no luck.
  • ckaram
    ckaram Member

    I deleted my Fidelity Netbenefits accounts and added them again. Yes, it worked…they're back…but now the accounts are doubling again.

    This issue was resolved a year ago but now back. My fix was to "delete" the cash ballance value in the account which dials it back to the right market value (403b and 457b).