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I have been operating Quicken here in the UK since 1998! Yes! Quicken 2002 Deluxe QDATA122

I think I should buy a new version. I honestly don't want to but feel it's best for security. Can I upload all of my years worth of data into the new version?


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    Intuit discontinued support for Quicken UK 15-20 yrs ago and has had no UK offering since then. The only options now sold and supported by Quicken (no longer owned by Intuit) are for US and Canada.

    I am also guessing that there a no users in this forum who have any or much knowledge about Quicken UK (regardless of the year) but maybe someone will add a post here proving me wrong about that.

    If (and that is a big "if") Quicken UK has some compatibility with the US or Canada softwares you would need to go through several steps to convert your data files but it would be safe to say that any features/functions that are unique or specific to the UK would very likely be lost. You can read up on the process to converting old Quicken US versions to newer ones here: .

    Is there some reason you are concerned about security with your Quicken software? Since it cannot connect with the Internet it is solely contained on your computer so the only security risk that I can think of might be with your computer itself, not with the Quicken software. Make sure you have the Windows security updates and anti-malware software updates and your Quicken software should be relatively secure.

    Unless someone more knowledgeable on this than me posts here, I think your best bet is to continue using your Quicken 2002 UK.

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    I think your best bet is to continue using your Quicken 2002 UK.

    The only thing I'd say counter to that is that it seems there will inevitably be some change in a future version of Windows which will render some very old software useless. (It might not run at all, or perhaps printing might not work, or something in the user interface will not work…) Software which is 20+ years old is operating on borrowed time. If you hope to continue using Quicken for many years, trying to get your data into a more recent version might buy you additional life and security with your data.

    That said, I can't help with the core question here of whether Quicken 2002 UK can be imported into a more recent US version, such as the 2013 version which is available for free.

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    The good news is that this is possible. Search this forum for such efforts. In particular, look for posts by @Dan Glynhampton, a UK-based superuser that used to hang out here and has helped with this in the past. I know there has been success in updating to the US-based version, starting with the upgrade path mentioned by @Boatnmaniac

    TIP: use Google to search this forum rather than the forum directly, as it works MUCH better, by putting in the search bar followed by UK version terms.

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