QMac: Savings Goals (110 Legacy Votes)



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    @GregT And anyone else reading this thread who wants this functionality... Make sure you vote for this feature by going to the first page of the thread and clicking the small arrow under the vote tally in the blue box. The more votes, the more likely the developers are to prioritize working on this.
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    You would, of course, assume a product you buy would be the same on both platforms as I did and was let down by the missing saving goals on the Mac version. I have used Quicken since 1993 and saving goals changed my life for the better but it appears this has been an issue for six years now to include this, it is not going to happen any time soon and I will need to move on. There is a workaround in the FAQ from 2014 to use assets as a workaround but it causes some problems down the road. I will be trying [removed] and try to come back to report my experience.
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