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I suggest that Pending transactions provide an option to enter the pending transaction as an uncleared item into the register.

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    I like it. Then when the posted transaction downloads later it can (hopefully) be matched to the uncleared transaction. Got my vote.

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  • MrBob5424
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    I think it would be great if you could match the pending transactions to the ones that you have already entered. Right now, it looks like two transactions, so I am currently deleting the one I had previously entered so the balance is correct, and only appears to be one entry.

    If we would match to an existing transaction, that would be awesome!

  • jameswh42
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    I agree with the idea of allowing us to match pending transactions to the register so it will appear but be marked with the pending hourglas symbol. Having to enable auto-accept seems to force us to do something we don't want to do by foregoing a feature that is very useful. At least allow one to go into the pending tab with an option to accept or match manually rather than just an option to delete.

  • jerryhoyt1
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    I liked the option to have pending transactions downloaded. The problem I encountered was trying to attach a scanned receipt to a pending transaction. It wouldn't work. Currently I enter transactions manually and add the receipt attachment and let the download match. It would be great if I could just allow pending transactions to download and attach a receipt. Since I cannot I stopped using pending transactions.

  • Boatnmaniac
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    I am able to click on and, if needed, edit a Pending transaction which will then turn it into a manually entered transaction. Maybe you can attach the receipts to it then?

    Being able to convert Pending transactions into manual transactions is, IMO, perhaps the one redeeming benefit of downloading Pending transactions. At this time I am doing this only in my test files. It does save a little time over entering manual transactions from scratch and they remind of transactions that I perhaps forgot to manually enter or misplaced the receipt for. I'm waiting to see if the posted transactions will then get matched to these converted Pending transactions on a consistent and reliable manner. If so, I will consider turning on Pending transactions, again, in my main data file.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    I tried attaching to a pending transaction and it allows you to go through the whole process and then not do anything.

    This really goes back to the original request above. There seems to be a disconnect in the behavior.

    If I go in and edit anything in a pending transaction like the payee or category, it will change it into an uncleared transaction. But there isn't a direct menu item or such for changing it into an uncleared transaction without editing it, there should be. And this extends to the notion of adding an attachment to a pending transaction. Just like the edit you are basically stating that you are sure that this pending transaction is going to be downloaded and you will want it to be an uncleared transaction that will be matched to a downloaded one. To me, adding an attachment is "editing the transaction" and should behave the same way.

    Yes, you can edit the transaction, change it into an uncleared transaction and then add the attachment, but that is just a clumsy workaround.

    What I don't think is a good idea for actually attaching the file to the pending transaction and trying to merge it in larger unless they take the much more complicated step of actually matching downloaded transactions to pending transactions and not just uncleared transactions. I think this would be very unlikely to be implemented in a way that takes all the possible combinations of uncleared, pending and downloaded transaction into account. At least for the start of this it should only to be to provide a simple way to tell Quicken you want the pending transaction to be a "real entry" and that the attaching just like any other edit should also do the same thing.

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  • AlQK
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    It is a great idea. It will clearly help to have a better picture of what's coming and what's the posible balance.