Will there be a Quicken Home and Business for Mac in the future? (213 Legacy Votes +1 Merged Vote)



  • NickTess
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    Is there a team working on H&B for Mac?
    What is the estimated completion date; 3 Months, 6 Months, > 9 Months?
    If the product is not in development, why not? Lack of demand, low priority, lack of resources?

    I am more specifically looking for the Property Manager/Landlord functions.

    On the Mac!
  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, Nick:

    We are just fellow users here answering questions. None of us know the answer to this, and even if we did know (which I don't), we wouldn't be allowed to speak until it is official.

    I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but until Quicken staff speaks, we must wait. I realize there are some users such as yourself waiting. I can appreciate your frustration.
  • gvive59
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    Im here waiting too
  • erinmoorephoto
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    I have been a Mac user for about 5 years now and I've been using the regular Mac version. I NEED Home & Business and won't be renewing my subscription until they come up with it for Mac. I understand they need funds but I'm tired of paying for something that isn't giving me what I need.
  • YES PLEASE. QH&B Business for Mac!
  • I ABSOLUTELY will purchase H&B for Mac immediately upon its release - like immediately.
  • Levanah10
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    Me too! 100%! (*So* tired of maintaining a VM just for this purpose...)
  • I would love to use Quicken, subscribe to it every year.

    But I can't until Home and Business comes out on Mac. I will not run it in a VM.
  • Mikester
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    Who else is looking at bookkeeping options in 2020 finding this thread from 2016 and shaking their head? I jumped ship on Windows years ago, I don't have an old dusty one on my desk like some of these others, and I don't want to run a virtual machine. Basic!! Please join the modern world with a Home & Business version for Mac. Thanks!! As for me unfortunately I will have to keep looking because I can't wait however many years for this to happen. I needed a solution today.
  • Mikester
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    Wait it's actually 2021. FIVE YEARS. Wow.
  • jacobs
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    @Mikester  If you pore through this forum, you will find hundreds of ideas and requests that date back to 2016 (the oldest date on comments here, as they have moved forum platforms several times over the years).

    The good thing: many glaring holes and problems with the original 2015 incarnation of the program have been addressed; the program now is leaps and bound better than it was six years ago.

    The bad thing: there are still hundreds of feature requests -- some small, some huge -- which have not yet been tackled.

    The folks at Quicken aren't ignoring user requests, or the first statement wouldn't be true. But they don't have the resources to increase their programming staff 10-fold to make things happen much faster. So progress happens, but it's not as fast as anyone would like.

    Regarding a Home & Business version for Mac, that would doubtless be a major development effort. It may happen some day; it may even be being worked on as we speak. But Home & Business is built on top of the feature set of Quicken Deluxe and Premier, and until they built up the Mac program to have at least somewhat comparable features to Quicken Windows Deluxe and Premier, it would have been impossible to build Home & Business on top of the code. Just like in building, you need to have a solid foundation before you add more layers on top. It's anyone's guess how close they are to having that necessary foundation; it's also anyone's guess whether they feel taking thousands of programmer hours to develop Home & Business for the Mac will generate a return on that investment.

    While I'm saying I understand why they couldn't undertake to build Home & Business until they added a lot of functionality to the core product, I absolutely agree with many of the comments in this thread that it would be immensely helpful to users and potential users to know if they plan to build this extension, and if so, some ballpark timeframe (a year? 2-3 years? 5 years?) when users might expect to see it. Quicken's culture, though, is not to comment much about future plans; needs change and timetables change, and they don't want angry users screaming "you told us this would be done in 2020!" if they are unable to deliver in the timeframe they stated.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Here is just an observation from a Windows user that doesn't even use Home and Business, but has "looked at it in betas and such".

    On one hand you have all the "screaming" for this in this thread, on the other you have the "reality" of not only how much work that is, but in the fact that what it is being compared with is somewhat "fictitious".

    Here is a quote from a user in this thread:

    I too am waiting for a Mac version of Home & Business. I'm not sure if it's Quicken, Windows or both, too many issues with the windows version. I also switched to a Mac, less problems, runs better, I've honestly had it with windows. I have H&B 2016 for windows, the only time I use any windows products now. I won't upgrade my home & business until the Mac version comes out. If there's no Mac then I will have to start looking elsewhere, too many problems with the windows version. Just attempting to create an invoice is an ordeal.
    So yes Quicken Windows has this "feature" (actually a big set of features), but it isn't all that it seems.  Do people realize that the GUI for it the "Web as a Desktop/HTML" interface that has been abandoned by Microsoft at least 15 years ago?

    The whole business section is archaic and bug ridden.  The only development in that section in years was recently they changed from trying to send email through the user's local email client to using a connection to a Quicken server to send email through that (which BTW people have complained isn't working "100%").

    Quicken Windows has tons of features alright. But it also has a ton of features that have never been kept up to date.  And a ton of new features that work "sometimes".  And several that you take you risk corrupting your data file to use them.  Quicken Windows is a study in learning "what not to use".  Hardly a model for pointing at and saying "They have this feature, why can't we?"
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  • jacobs
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    @Chris_QPW Which is exactly why the Mac developers, from the start of re-writing Quicken Mac, have not followed an approach to trying to copy/mimic/duplicate everything in Quicken Windows. There are things the Windows version does which are worth implementing in Quicken Mac, and there are things it doesn't do well, or that very few people use which are not worth trying to implement. 

    And yes, if they tackle adding the Home & Business functionality to Quicken Mac, it would require development from scratch in a native Mac environment, which could possibly emulate, but definitely not copy, the way the Windows version currently works.

    I understand why the people who have posted and voted in this thread, who either use the Windows Home & Business version and want to switch to a Mac, or who have already switched to a Mac and run a Windows VM just for Quicken Windows, would like to see a native version for Mac. 

    But here's what we don't know:
    (a) How many Quicken users use the Home & Business version? Is it 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000?
    (b) How many of them would prefer, if it was an option, a Mac version with comparable features?
    (c) How many of the current Windows Home & Business users are likely to leave Quicken for some other application if there isn't a Mac version?
    (d) How many new users could Quicken Mac Home & Business attract?
    (e) What's the estimated development effort, in people days, of developing, testing, documenting, and building out support, and marketing such a product?

    My guess is that the number of Home & Business users now is modest (compared to Quicken users overall). My guess is that perhaps a quarter to a third of them might prefer a Mac version. But just moving existing users across platforms doesn't bring in a penny of extra revenue for Quicken. So the executives at Quicken must estimate (c) how many current users are likely to abandon Quicken if they don't come out with a Mac Home & Business version, and how much revenue that would cost them. And (d) is the real critical question: can Quicken attract significant new users to the Quicken family if they build a Mac Home & Business version? It's a single-user desktop product in an increasingly cloud-based world. Can it really generate more money than it costs to create?

    I know that none of us on this thread have the data to know those answers, but the MBAs at Quicken do have sales and product usage data, and research on what the likely market could be. They'll never share that with us, of course. But it would be nice if they simply told people, "no, we're not going in that direction", or "yes, we're going to do it, but probably not for another [fill in a (broad) timeframe]".
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  • BeoWulf
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    Yes Please! I've completely converted to Mac in my home and having to run Windows in a VM just for Quicken to manage my Rental Properties is costly and frustrating!
  • Don Colacino
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    I really need a Home and Business version for Mac. I'm a small business owner in the entertainment industry and with my business starting to pick up I need a solution for doing standard business reports. Spreadsheets just aren't cutting it.

  • tbenton27
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    Thanks !
  • M Wax
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    A Mac premier version with Business Rental version would be nice. I have been using the window version with parallels for years hoping a Mac version would come out. Quicken with Parallels has display clarity issues. Please release a Mac B&R version.
  • KristaO
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    PLEASE make H&B for MAC available!!
  • J DS
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    Yes yes yes!!! Make it available for MAC!!!!
  • pplprsn
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    As a new home owner and someone who will be starting a small business, it's frustrating that Mac lags behind Windows still when it comes to Home and Business. I think that Home and Business should be available for Mac as well. I would like to be able to track my mortgage, my home equity, home improvements, escrow account, etc and have a way of easily managing my room rental income/expense. I also would like to manage my small business income and expense, check cash flow and
  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @pplprsn,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your request.

    I went ahead and merged your Idea to this active Idea thread regarding this topic which is currently marked as "Under Consideration" (please navigate to the 1st page of this thread to view the Idea status - see below).

    Ideas are reviewed by our Development and Product teams to see what features people would like to have available in the future. If you would like to be notified of updates as they become available, then please click the bookmark icon on the top-right of the post.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
  • DollarBillM
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    Just adding my voice to the many who would REALLY like H&B for Mac!
  • RPall
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    I have been using Mac for some years now for my art and film production, but use my old Windows 7 computer only for Quicken business - invoicing, accounting, reports. However, it is starting to fail so I am unsure what to do next. I really don't want to buy another PC just for this one purpose and I'm not all that comfortable with setting up virtual Windows on Mac. If I switch to another accounting brand, I will lose decades of data and reports. Please add my vote for a Home & Business for Mac.
  • knowltek
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    yes please!!!! i would love to get rid of my only PC. i only have it for quicken.
  • You are already losing the Mac market share. This is really needed.
  • jacobs
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    @Just a user To anyone who has posted in this thread asking for a Quicken Mac Home & Business, please make sure you also go to the first page of the thread and add your vote by clicking the black arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box. (If the arrow is grey, you have already voted for the idea.) Comments are helpful, but votes are most important in pushing the issue with the development and management teams at Quicken.
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  • mrche
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    Why after all these years s hasn't Intuit created a Quicken Home and Business Premier for Mac!!! I used to use the windows version with VMWare but got tired of the constant VMWare upgrade racket and have given up on Intuit since it's been over a decade, close to 2 now. I not use MS Windows for my business and will not just to use this product. Really disappointed in this company!
  • mybank2002
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    mrche said:
    Why after all these years s hasn't Intuit created a Quicken Home and Business Premier for Mac!!! I used to use the windows version with VMWare but got tired of the constant VMWare upgrade racket and have given up on Intuit since it's been over a decade, close to 2 now. I not use MS Windows for my business and will not just to use this product. Really disappointed in this company!
    Yeah I held out forever as well and had all these receipts and checks that didn't transfer. I am with you and gave up on the VMWare racket it was so slow and made doing finances too much friction. I finally switched over to the Deluxe version after 18 years and have been so glad I switched to just doing Quicken on the Mac. A learning curve but there are a lot of things that are better than the Windows version. Plus I can use macros more accurately with Keyboard Maestro. 

  • HiTrevor
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    Please PLEASE add a Home & Business version for Mac. Like so many others, I have to maintain a Windows virtual machine that is ONLY used to run Home & Business. And the Quicken Home & Business for Window has so many issues, and has ancient software code.
    Why is it even a question? Over 1/3 of your users are on Macs... why would there NOT be a Home & Business version for Mac? It makes no sense.
    Now that everyone is paying yearly fees, this MUST be done. I spend many hours every week trying to correct Quicken issues in the Windows environment... especially lately, with all of the software problems.
  • jacobs
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    HiTrevor said:
    Why is it even a question? Why would there NOT be a Home & Business version for Mac? It makes no sense.
    @HiTrevor Why? Because the Quicken Mac development team is still buried under hundreds of not-yet-implemented feature requests just to bring Quicken Mac to relative parity with Quicken Windows. Building Home & Business features atop the incomplete foundation of earlier versions of Quicken Mac was not previously viable. Whether it is viable today is a question I can't answer.

    But also look at it from Quicken management's side: it would undoubtedly take thousands of programmer hours to develop a Mac Home & Business version. If they invest in the programmers and time it would take to design, program and test, when they release it, how would it affect their bottom line? Some number of Windows H&B users would happily switch to the Mac version -- but it wouldn't generate any new income. (There would doubtless be a few new users, but not a huge number.) As I see it, the question they'd have to look at is whether it makes sense from a defensive standpoint: develop a Mac version to avoid existing Windows H&B customers from abandoning the Quicken platform all together. So does the potential lost revenue they could save justify the cost of building a Mac version?

    Quicken management certainly has the statistics we users do not about the number of Quicken users who subscribe to the Home & Business version, and the percentage of Quicken users who are on Mac versus Windows. All we can conclude from the absence of a H&B version -- or even the affirmative announcement of a future H&B version -- is that those numbers must not make a compelling enough case for them to commit the resources to it.

    (Or, in the peculiar way Quicken isn't transparent with customers about future directions, perhaps they've had a few programmers working on this for the past year or two, and we won't know about it until it suddenly appears!)

    Let me be clear that I'm entirely in favor of seeing Quicken management invest more in the Mac product, adding more programmers to accelerate to implementation of features users have been seeking for years -- and enabling them to create a H&B version for those who want it. Above, I'm only trying to address your question of why it doesn't yet exist, and why it's still unclear if or when it could happen in the future.
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