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The Quicken calendar is one of the most useful (and unique) features in the product.  It would be extremely helpful to have the calendar in the mobile app product.  Being able to take this planning tool with you would be very helpful.  
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  • mshiggins
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  • Unknown
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    Just spent a good portion of yesterday setting up the calander with all my expenses for the year and then found out the calendar does not show up on the mobile app :(
  • Unknown
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    They need to have the calendar option on the mobile app. The purpose of seeing if I spend money today...what effect it will have in the future is very important. When you are out of the home and encounter a spur of the moment spend choice,
    having the mobile access is what you need. It just makes sense that it should be part of the mobile. Please pass that on to the developers.
  • GregLeimeister
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    The thing that would make Quicken Mobile even better is if you’d add the calendar to it. That way people could see what upcoming bills they have and when they are due.
  • Unknown
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    I agree. Please add the calendar to the monile app. I use the calendar mostly for quicken.
  • JonBass
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    Looks like there’s interest by users, but im not seeing any interest by Quicken. Can we please have someone from quicken weigh-in on how likely of an update to the mobile app this might be?
  • Unknown
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    Quicken, Please add the calendar it would greatly help in this day of Mobile connectivity. Please!
  • JonBass
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    Please do not mess with the calendar and "dumb it down" like I'm seeing with other bill paying functions.  Is Quicken just guessing at what would be better, or is there actually an alpha test group to show quicken what works and what doesn't. 

    Personally, one of the primary reasons for hanging on with Quicken and not moving on to something else has been the calendar.  When trying to manage my massive amounts of bills, the only saving grace of not missing payments AND making sure i actually have the money to make the payments, is the forecasting calendar.  Through the calendar i can see how a single action today will affect my abilities to pay the bills in the future. 

    It seems like you hear a lot about new investment functions.  That's nice.  But not everyone has discretionary funds.  Many of us are simply trying to fight day to day, month to month to make the bill payments and keep moving forward.  Being able to see my finances in the future through the calendar has truly been a life saver to me and my family.   

    If you really wanted to improve the mobile app, extend the desktop calendar.  Being able to see on your phone at the time of a purchase how it will affect this and future months would be an improvement worthy of purchasing the new versions.  What I've seen so far has been fluff.
  • jmmvp
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    Please consider adding the Quicken Calendar to the Quicken mobile app so that I can access the Quicken Calendar on my mobile app on my cell phone.  This would be very handy to make appointments for various dates while I am accessing it while I am away from my Quicken desktop.
  • RMarshall
    RMarshall Member
    Yes. Add calendar and upcoming reminders
  • BDB
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    Add calendar/forecast to mobile.... its the main point of having a mobile version of quicken: too see where we stand when we are about to make a purchase decision.... its ridiculous that its not part of the app
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello All,

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  • Chris_QPW
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    When you see an idea with 20 votes on it that is going to be archived away, you got to wonder what is the threshold that Quicken Inc thinks is enough actually consider doing something.
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  • jingberdmd
    jingberdmd Member
    The calendar is the only reason I use Quicken! Please include a calendar in future updates :'(
    Please advise
  • Add calendar to quicken mobile app, please.
  • regst
    regst Member ✭✭
    I was planning to switch to the mobile version, but won't without a calendar. This is critical!!!
  • Ken Imrisek
    Ken Imrisek Member ✭✭
    I have been a Quicken user for15-20 years. Never activated the mobile app because of the lack of calendar. The calendar is what I use for short-term budgeting. Would definitely like to see it on the mobile app.