Will one subscription cover a installation on a Windows computer and a MAC computer? same files?

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thinking of changing from Windows to MAC.  I see instruction for file transfer.  Will the one subscription cover both installations

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  • Dan Glynhampton
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    The subscription will allow you to install on both, but you can’t share data files between the Windows and Mac versions, they are incompatible.
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    If you decide to migrate your data, you do need to convert. If your data is from QW2010 or newer, the mechanics are quite simple...copy data file over to Mac. Open data file with QMac. The built-in conversion process will step you through but there are a few things you need to know; here is the entire process:
    In your case, you can skip steps 1 and 2 but review all the prep and background info before:

    NOTE: Be aware that at this time, it is very difficult to convert back from Mac to Windows, as there are many problems with the reverse conversion process.

    I also suggest that you make sure that Quicken for Mac subscription will meet your needs, since it was re-written from the ground up (first with Quicken Essentials in 2010, then again with QM2015 onward) and is not the same product as the Windows version, so there are some features that are still not there e.g. full loan amortization*, 2-line display, QuickMath, or are not as fully developed yet, e.g. Customized Reports, some investment performance reports and stats  (therefore some data may not carry over). You can start here:

    *NOTE: Support for fixed rate loans has been released as of  QM2017 v4.5.x but there is no announced timing for support for variable rate or simple daily interest loans.

    You may want to review the List of Obstacles and Hindrances for Migrating from QM2007 or QWin to Quicken for Mac. Add your vote to any features that are missing for you. Your VOTES matter!

    Be aware of data that will and will not carry forward: 
    (A couple more things to note: historical currency rates are not migrated AND currency conversions of transactions are not migrated).

    Then look at the updates since the original release here:
    You will also want to look at a more detailed comparison done by a SuperUser which also identifies nuances not mentioned elsewhere (and read on for comments from other users too on that same discussion thread): 
    Take a look at the following videos to give you a better idea:

    Note that there are many differences that are rather subtle, that are not necessarily identifiable via documentation, for example, the 12-month budget feature does not allow including transfers, including investment income, selecting specific accounts,  or have rollover capability.

    If you find that QMac subscription does not meet your needs, the alternative is to run Quicken for Windows in a virtual machine on your Mac. There are 5 popular products you can use: Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Oracle VirtualBox, Bootcamp or CrossOver. The first 4 require you to also buy a copy of Windows. The first 2 cost $50-80, the third and forth are free. CrossOver also costs about $50-$80 but does NOT require you to buy Windows.

    If you plan to keep your PC & Mac, you could also run Quicken on the PC and use remote access (several free options, e.g. NoMachine and Teamviewer) to access Quicken from your Mac  (or even a tablet or phone) (see this great article for complete review of many options (most are free): http://machow2.com/rdp-for-mac/ ).

    Have Questions? Help Guide for Quicken for Mac
    FAQs: Quicken MacQuicken WindowsQuicken Mobile
    Add your VOTE to Quicken for Mac Product Ideas

    Object to Quicken's business model, using up 25% of your screen? Add your vote here:
    Quicken should eliminate the LARGE Ad space when a subscription expires

    (Now Archived, even with over 350 votes!)

    (Canadian user since '92, STILL using QM2007)

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    If you're moving from a PC to a Mac, my advice would be to buy Parallels ($80) and run Quicken for Windows in a VM.  Parallels has an icon in the Dock that when you click on it, the Windows start menu comes up.  If you have a shortcut to Quicken there, it's a single click.  Virtually the same as running a Mac program.

    I bought a Mac last summer and migrated to Quicken for Mac.  It was a very painful experience.  The conversion was no problem (I had decades of Quicken transactions), but Quicken for Mac is an entirely different program.  It is also buggy, especially with online banking.  Last week, I finally gave up when I could not download transactions from my bank anymore.  I bought Parallels and started using Quicken for Windows starting with my last good Quicken/Windows data file.  You cannot go back from the Mac to Windows (some say you can, but transfers will not migrate).  Fortunately, my bank provides downloads of QDF files for historical data, so I was able to catch up there, with some minor edits.  Unfortunately, my credit card accounts do not have QDF downloads, so I must re-enter about 8 months of transactions.  Same for my investment accounts.  But in all, it's a pleasure to be working in Quicken for Windows once again.

    I love my Mac.  Can't say the same for Quicken for Mac.
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    thank you
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