can I install Q/mac subscription and receive/work on financial reports provided from Q/win 16 deluxe

It says it all above. Can I download reports from Q/win16 to my mac w/ Q/mac subscription version and edit and exchange?

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  • jacobs
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    No. Your definitely can migrate your Quicken Windows 2016 account and transaction data to Quicken Mac Subscription -- but reports are not included in the migration because the structure of the reports engines are so different on the two platforms. You would need to re-create your reports on Quicken Mac. And not all reports that exist in Quicken Windows currently exist on Quicken Mac, although new reports features are being regularly added.

    It's impossible to detail all the differences between Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac here. Your best bet might be to purchase a Quicken subscription, install Quicken Mac, import a copy of your Quicken Windows data, and then spend a few weeks getting to learn the Quicken Mac interface and features while continuing to keep your Quicken Windows up-to-date. If you decide Quicken Mac meets your needs, just continue; if you determine Quicken Mac doesn't meet your needs, you can get a full refund from Quicken within 30 days of your purchase.

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