Add option to choose if un-paid transactions show in Today's Balance

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I'm using Quicken Deluxe 2020 for Mac (version 5.17.3) and my "Today's Balance" now includes transactions that have not yet been marked as paid. This used to not be the case and defeats the purpose of "Today's Balance" since my balance shouldn't take into account things that haven't yet been paid. :/:/
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  • John_M
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    The release notes to 5.17.0 state:

    "The calculation we use to derive Today's Balance has changed. Going forward, this balance will now match the running balance in the register and include past-due scheduled transactions."

    I guess this was put in to make sure that people didn't forget about past-due transactions that might cause them to have an overdraft.
  • josber27
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    Shouldn't that have been a new field like "Today's Projected Balance"? This is rather misleading and doesn't allow for the user to know what their "TRUE" balance is. You've taken a field that gave a solid number and made it more of a projection. How can I request that the old calculation be added back into the software. I relied heavily on that calculation. Also, the transaction registry already had the "Projected Balance" and in my opinion there isn't as much of a need to put it on the top right in the "Today's Balance" field. Please add this calculation object back into your software and give the users an option of which way they'd like to view the data.
  • Gcat
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    I agree with josber27. The change that was made renders "Today's Balance" useless! I do not want my scheduled transactions that have not been paid or deposited to be in the calculation of "Today's Balance". That is what "Projected Balance" is for. Now I have to use a calculator to get my account balance!

    Please reverse this change and revert back to the calculation used before 5.17.0.
  • gpb5257
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    I agree with Gcat. Today's Balance does not give you a true reading of what you have. You can go into Projected Balance to see that. I always look at my checking account to see what has posted and compare to my Quicken. I have found that my balance never seems to match my checking account on a daily basis any more.
    Please put it back to the original way of calculating balance.
  • Turk
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    Quicken.... Running Balance is already at bottom top (or bottom) of transaction list. Including non-posted transactions on Today's Balance is an inconvenience. Please reverse the update or incorporate the option to choose.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    edited August 2020
    Hello all,

    I have gone ahead and changed this post to an Idea thread so that everyone may vote to add the option to choose what is displayed in the Today's balance.

    Be sure to navigate to the top of this post and click the up arrow to add your vote!

    Ideas are reviewed by our development team to see what people would like to be available in the future.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka

  • Marie-LP
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    I agree with all the users above. I am using a calculator to keep track of my running balance (without unpaid bills that are projected to be paid), and having to manually keep a written log. It took me days to figure it was the balance in Quicken that was off and not my own calculations. So frustrating!! This has to be an oversight in the software engineering and should most definitely be corrected as soon as possible.
  • dhssk
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    Added my upvote to this topic as well. Have been using Quicken 2007 (and prior versions) for Mac for years now and decided to try the new Quicken version. Have been entering transactions in both versions until I'm sure the new version is usable. This issue is close to a deal breaker. I find that I keep going back to the older Quicken register to see what the true 'Balance Today' value is given that there's no way to see that in the new Quicken version. Seems like originally, this worked as expected in the new Quicken, but they changed it around July 2020 in version 5.17.0 per user John_M. Seems like a huge step backwards. Until this gets addressed, my choice are to keep entering transactions in both versions or stop using the new version.
  • jacobs
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    @dhssk  The developers apparently felt that having the running balance in the register for today not equal to Today's Balance at the top confused too many users.

    I've found there's a pretty easy way to be consistent with the real world and have meaningful balances: move any unpaid transaction(s) into the future. If I have a transaction which I'm not marking paid because it hasn't yet occurred, I double-click the transaction, press T + and Return. ('T' makes the date today, "+" moves the date one day forward.) This moves the transaction's date to tomorrow while leaving it unpaid, so that today's balance in the running balance column and at the top of the screen agree and match the account in the real world. (In other cases, I just mark the transaction paid, if I know it's pending and will post within a day or two.)
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