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From within Quicken, I should be able to instruct my bank to make a Zelle payment to someone

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  • Sonoran_Bubba
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    Would be fantastic to do a Zelle Payment from direct within Quicken... Don't know if the banks have that ability or not.
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    Hello @mjerryfuerst,

    Thank you for bringing this feature request to the attention of the Community!

    I have gone ahead and created a separate post for the issue of a missing character in the memo line, so that you can be assisted by others in the Community.

    That post is available here: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7878923/when-quicken-downloads-a-zelle-payment-i-made-via-my-bank-the-first-character-of-memo-is-missing

    This Idea post will remain, however, and will cover the request to add the ability to perform Zelle Payments from within Quicken only.

    Please be sure to add your vote by clicking on the gray triangle right above the current vote count, located in the blue box at the beginning of this thread:

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Natalie

  • Jamspb
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    I am just starting to RECEIVE payments in my bank account feom people using Zelle and I wonder if there is a way for those direct deposits to automatically show up in my Quicken program? Does Zelle populate in Quicken?
  • Chris_QPW
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    @Jamspb There isn't anything special about receiving payments when the person uses Zelle.  You just download transaction for your bank account as you normally would do.
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  • Boatnmaniac
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    Interesting idea however I think the scope and focus should not be on the P2P provider but rather on extending the DC bill pay service offered by some banks to include P2P transfers.  Some banks use Zelle.  Others use PopMoney.  And I think others use Venmo.  Don't insist on telling the banks which P2P provider they should be using.  Let the banks control that.  But offering P2P transfer payments as part of DC bill pay would be a good feature enhancement allowing for faster electronic payments to individuals vs. the current paper check mailing.  I'd be game for that.
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  • I would love to be able to initiate Zelle payments from within Quicken, similar to how you can initiate payments through banks that have direct connect.