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    Good morning.  Unfortunately you did not see the exchange i had with Quicken Tyka a couple of days ago.  Maybe the following will help you gain some clarification:

    Tyka:  Q member Jerry Byrum found the answer to part of the problem early this morning as follows:
    Same issue with USAA. I tried the deactivate/reactivate procedure and it worked but the credit card account numbers were wrong. I spent most of the day on the phone with USAA and quicken and learned that the new (incorrect) account numbers were indeed coming from USAA and were "internal numbers" applied to the accounts for USAA purposes to eliminate the problem of changing credit card / account numbers. The numbers in fact appear on the credit card statements as part of a longer string of numbers. The USAA folks had no answer as to why the numbers suddenly started appearing on Quicken downloads. My history with Quicken/USAA goes back over 30 years and this is a first. The larger problem was why the switch to the new USAA access ID/Pin was a complete surprise to even the USAA Quicken web support folks. Guess you just can't get good help these days.

    I went in to USAA Documents, found an old credit card bill and eureka...I found the "different account number" on the statement.  I immediately activated my credit card account (in Q) using my new access ID and PIN.  I linked the downloaded account (with this new account number) and all seems to be well.  Now I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
  • I have gone through the steps to correct/update. However, Quicken states that I have to change the account from checking to brokerage! The accounts have been checking for years! Also, I don't see how to change to brokerage, without creating a new account.
    FYI my spouse was able to successfully update his USAA checking accounts without changing to brokerage.
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    Thanks for your helpful response --- worked just as you explained --- I found the "internal numbers" on an old statement.
    Appreciate you taking the time to post that info!
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    You're welcome but the real hero is Jerry Byrum. His research was invaluable. I just hope he's still reading the postings on this thread.
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    There is something I am not understanding about this USAA situation. I have two accounts, I followed directions at the top of this thread (from 1/29) to deactivate then to reactivate my accounts (my other accounts download without a problem). However only one USAA account will actually download and Quicken won't give me the ability to select the second account for download. In addition, Quicken is now stuck in some kind of loop with a flashing hour glass and cursor after a One Step Update. When I tried to exit Quicken I get. message that One Step is still in progress (endless loop). I had to kill the process using Task Manager. What's going on?
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    My USAA issues are much the same as above, including the reverse debit/credit problem when I entered the access code and pin. But now, when I try to update, I get a request for my USAA password which when entered, does not work.
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    USAA downloads are working for me after updating to the new signon (and the downloads no longer appear reversed.) The problem this morning after downloading is my checking acct on Quicken. "Online Balance" doesn't match the Balance on the USAA website. Before updating the Quicken the checking acct "Online Balance" and "Current Balance were $5,605.69. I downloaded a transfer for $4,600. Now I can't reconcile the acct as Quickens 'Online Balance' still shows $5,606.69 and 'Current Balance' shows $1,005.69. I went to the USAA website and my balance shows correctly at $1,005.69. Don't know if this is a Quicken or USAA error. Thought I would report just incase it's Quicken. Thank you.
    P.S. I run Quicken Windows on a Mac using Parallels.
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    Switched to "New" USAA and was working fine on Friday. Today I'm now getting the OL-294-A error. :(
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    After an initial OL-294-A error only on my USAA account using OSU, OSU locks up Quicken entirely when trying to download all my banking accounts.
    Quicken Premier 2020 R31.8, Windows 10.
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    Well I too have USAA issues. I couldn't update then received the info of the security changes and changed over to USAA - New, it worked except it dropped one of my accounts. No problem, it is an inactive one right now but will be come summer. Anyways, went to do my normal updates this morning and back to getting an OL-294 error. UGHHHHHHHHH!!! I love that my USAA sets up strenuous security but wish that Quicken (which is about the ONLY software out there now to use) would be more on top of these type of issues when doing their updates. sghhhh
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    Same. I had switched to "New" USAA and it was working fine; however, this morning, I am getting the OL-294-A error.
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    OL-294-A error here too. I spent an hour fixing the issue on Sunday and all was working fine. Now problems again.
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    Same OL-294-A
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    Same here. I successfully set up the new credentials for "USAA FSB - New" which worked fine over the weekend, but now I'm getting OL-294-A errors this morning.
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    OL-294-A error here too, but with a twist. My bank accounts give the balance as of 1/31/2021. But my credit card accounts show the balance as of 4/22/2024.
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    There is an alert related to various USAA issues.  It's a wait and see situation...
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    Add my experience to the tale of woe. Without knowing there was any security change in process, updated my set of accounts, only one of which is USAA. The download created a new account (which in looking through this and other chains, may be either an old account or an internal USAA dummy account). I loaded about three months of data and they took payments form the "real" USAA credit card account and offset them there, driving that ending balance through the roof. Subsequent efforts to update fail. Obtained the new access id and access PIN from USAA but it will not link, appearing to come back and ask for a PIN (giving a four digit example 0000 so I am assuming it wants the "real" account PIN) but rejects when entered (tried both the "real" PIN and the "access PIN several times). Get the same access ID and Access PIN when I try to have USAA generate another version to try.
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    > @Don555 said:
    > OL-294-A error here too. I spent an hour fixing the issue on Sunday and all was working fine. Now problems again.

    me too
  • > @Hank Bates said:
    > > @Don555 said:
    > > OL-294-A error here too. I spent an hour fixing the issue on Sunday and all was working fine. Now problems again.
    > me too

    me three
  • OL-294-A error here too. Considering the other comments it may be a problem with the USAA<>Quicken EDI. Will try later... it has yet to work since the new "improvement changes" that both USAA and the Quicken implemented over the weekend. It's so secure I can't even get to my own account data. GRRRR.
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    What a mess. I love the security features USAA implements but they need to think about the thousands of members who use Quicken. I fixed everything but the fix doesn't stick. Now having to reset all my accounts daily. Someone please permanently correct this. This was a very poorly planned change.
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    I'm having the same USAA download problems. I followed Quickens Deactivate and Reactivate instructions obtaining the new USAA Access ID and PIN. When I linked the accounts I got the proverbial spinning circle. After an hour, I closed Quicken. On my next attempt, I'm back to failing to download with a Error OL-297A. This is a pain!
  • When trying to download transactions from USAA with direct connect, Quicken times out and sends error OL-294-A. I previously applied the fix for the other error and it worked for a day or two.
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    I got my USAA accounts working again after the OL-220-A error last week using the information online in this community and it was working fine. However, today I'm getting OL-294-A when trying to download transactions from USAA.
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    Hello all,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report your issues with USAA.

    USAA did a security update that requires all existing (as of Jan 26, 2021), Direct Connect users to reconnect their USAA Accounts in Quicken using their newly upgraded servers. 

    If you have not done so already, please take a moment to carefully review the new FAQ at the link below.

    There is a USAA alert, available here that you may bookmark to be notified of any updates or changes regarding this issue as well.

    If you are experiencing any of the issues detailed in the alert, or the FAQ please open Quicken and navigate to Help > Report a Problem to assist our teams in the investigation.

    If you are experiencing an OL-294 error, please allow 24-48 hours and attempt to update once more. If the trouble persists after waiting for the full 48 hours, please contact USAA directly to report the issue.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • I am now receiving error OL-294-A when trying to update Quicken account from USAA. This is not the same as the OL-220 which I corrected 2 days ago.
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    went out Saturday with errors. Spent hours fixing it - took forever to research and find an article with steps to fix. After fixing it, it downloaded fine. Today it started all over again. Calling USAA was a bust - they kept sending me to the auto loan dept. I needed technical support. Then I tried chat - she cut and pasted the normal blurb wait 48 hours and try again. After 50 years with USAA, we are about to part paths. The communication has been awful. They have all my contact info. Would have been nice had they sent something saying on X date we will be making the following changes and here is what you need to do. I still have no idea when this might be fixed. Worse, what was the security event that prompted the need for these changes?
  • I am also receiving this error and am unable to update my USAA credit card.
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