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Dawn T
Dawn T Member ✭✭
:s Hey Quicken! You push a lot of updates. Every time you push an update, I'm trying to get in and record a quick transaction. But no...I have to wait until Quicken takes its time updating.

Here's an idea: On open, prompt the user whether they want to apply the update NOW or on CLOSING the application. My Paint.NET app does this and I <3 <3 <3 it. Zero frustration.
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  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you set your Windows UAC higher, you can decide if you want the update to happen.
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  • q_lurker
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    I do have my UAC setting higher which allows me to not be interrupted when I am starting Quicken.  Other access points to that update are through the One _Step Update Summary and Help / Check for updates.  

    But to have Quicken prompt for or perform an update upon exit strikes me as a good idea.  @Dawn T -- you should vote up your idea as well.  
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Another reason to update on close is that the information on updating says you should back up and send any pending transactions before updating.

    If this is really necessary, Quicken should not update at startup or at the start of a One-Step Update. 
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  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello @Dawn T,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and post your Idea request.

    Ideas are reviewed by our Development and Product teams to see what features people would like to have available in the future. This way other users who have the same or a similar request can vote on your idea by clicking the up arrow (see below).

    Please, be sure to add your own vote as well.

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  • Dawn T
    Dawn T Member ✭✭
    > @splasher said:
    > If you set your Windows UAC higher, you can decide if you want the update to happen.

    Even so, I want the option to defer the update until I am finished using the application, and have it update after I close it.