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  • ronaldllenz
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    Still same issue here... started a few days ago. Reset pw at website no luck. Tried disconnect/connect. Still fails. Fifth Third was a trouble free connection for years.
  • DaveD
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    I am getting the following message in my CONNLOG

    20230210 11:02:40: QFN: End send to, netstatus 0
    20230210 11:02:40: Invalid signon.

    There have been no password changes and I last connected successfully on 1/25/23. My password is over 12 characters long. Resetting the account failed. I saw that there was an issue with longer passwords, but that issue is now closed. Has it been fixed?
  • PirinhaMan
    PirinhaMan Member
    I'm also having issues with Fifth Third Bank. Of course, this has happened in the past, but the Quicken team usually has a fix within a day or so. As a former developer myself, I understand that sometimes these fixes take time. But this problem seems very reproducible, and once you have that, it's pretty easy to track down what's going wrong and then how to fix it. I worked on software for class 5 telephone exchanges (back in the day), and once we could recreate the problem, it was hours, not weeks, to patch it. Maybe the new class of software grads aren't up to the task for this kind of work.
  • Same issue with my Fifth Third transactions not loading. Issue started about Feb 1, 2023. I was just on the line with Quicken Customer Service and they spent 50 minutes troubleshooting. They tried opening a new File. Tried restoring a backup. Turned off my firewall. Nothing helped. Told me to call 5/3 on-line services.
  • bbvas
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    Quicken when will this be fixed?!
  • simmy711
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    Just received an update a few minutes ago, did not fix the issue.
  • fsulli6
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    I started this thread so I am going to offer an additional comment.

    As users, you don’t see the number of variables that have to be checked when stuff like this happens. It is not a simple fix. I figure Fifth Third is 2 or 3 software architectural issues behind the big banks like Chase or BoA plus variables based on PC design and similar things. Add to that the security and encryption requirements.

    You just want it to work. I understand , I am a user as well , but it is not like trouble shooting a toaster that doesn’t work.
  • fsulli6
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    See my comment on the other thread.
  • Joe25
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    geo791, does this allow individual transaction acceptance like download does?  Thanks for the reminder and advice.
  • ken7030
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    Still not working, day 5 now.
  • RubyMS
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    I have been having the same issue Fifth Third Bank: error recovery. This is how I fixed mine:

    Changed my banking password and updated in Quicken password vault (still got the error afterwards so this wasn’t the problem)
    Backed up Quicken account

    Went to Account Details: Online Services in Quicken and deactivated the Fifth Third account

    Returned to Online Services again and Setup Account for Fifth Third again. I had to relink to my accounts then I was able to download transactions from the past week.

    Hope this works for you all!
  • greg2112
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    Another day, still no word from quicken on this issue. [Removed - Inaccurate]
  • Kimmers
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    Thanks RubyMS, I tried your work-around and it did not work for me. I set my Fifth third password to 16 characters only to have Quicken tell me that Fifth Third prefers no more than 12 characters. I'll keep looking. my subscription renews on March 12th, but I will not renew if this issue persists.
  • realneat
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    Any update on the ETA for a fix?
  • riessa
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    It is now February 11and still no fix. This type of issue tends to happen after updates- can your team work backwards from the update and find the issue?
  • Hadit
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    [Removed - Speculation/Inaccurate]
  • dmbradford
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    I'm also still having problem connecting to Fifth Third. I haven't been able to connect all week. Any update ?
  • Biker70
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    Getting on the bandwagon and piling on - let's get this fixed asap!!
  • LKrieger
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    I haven't been able to connect to 5/3 Bank at all since most recent update. This seems to happen most times when there is a Quicken update. [Removed - Rant]
  • sas.fuse
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  • bbvas
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    [Removed - Rant]
  • sas.fuse
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    Actually, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that this is 5/3's fault. I know that they do not prioritize anything that doesn't bring in fees.
  • TN1954
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    Yes, very frustrating. But, as pointed out in a post, you can export your 5/3 transactions as QFX, and then import into Quicken. Just did it for 3 accounts. Worked perfectly. Not a fix, just a workaround till Quicken can fix this issue. This is happening way too often for a product as mature as Quicken is.
  • DGG
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    I tried using the Help Report Problem and after filling in all the information and clicking Send To Quicken, it pops up a error saying Unable to send report to Quicken, please try again.
  • Dick Bonzelet
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    I have not been able to download From Fifth Third since Jan. 25, 2023. I also can't log in to my Fifth Third account using Edge. Fifth Third advised me that after they updated their system the problem with Edge started and they are working on it. I can log in using Google Chrome. Has anyone experienced the problem with Edge and Fifth Third? Could the Edge problem be connected to the Quicken download problem?
  • toolman664
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    You need to look at those banks that have no issues and apply those to fifth third or vice versa.
    I've been 7 days without updates. I deactivated that account, went back to 2/3/23 and restored account and nothing improved. [Removed - Rant/Language] Fix the problem!
  • DGG
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    > @"Dick Bonzelet" said:
    > Could the Edge problem be connected to the Quicken download problem?

    I just used Edge to login to my Fifth Third account and was able to login with no problem.
    I do have two factor authentication and had to enter the code, plus enter the last 6 digits of the SS on the account.
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