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    For Mark Sanz

    Fidelity has every right to change it's sign in routine. It is Quicken which needs to keep up with the security requirements. That is their raison d'etre.

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    Have had a problem with Fidelity for three days and now most of my other investment accounts are not working. The error code is OL-362-A. What is happening?
  • bhennessey60
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    Have had a problem with Fidelity NetBenefits (OL-220-A) for three days and now most of my other investment accounts are not working. The error code is OL-362-A. Is this happening for anyone else?

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    I don't understand the comments that Fidelity has changed their login procedure. I have not seen any change in login procedures. This is a communication issue between Quicken and Fidelity. I tried contacting Fidelity technical on the issue and they were of no help at all. I have had the OL-220 error since 3/6 on my 401K and 401K brokerage account, my other Fidelity accounts are fine which confirms it's not a new login change or 2 step authentication.
  • Nick V
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    I'm having the same issue. I tried deactivating online services and reactivting them but the issue persists. There isn't an issue downloading from my regular Fidelity accounts.

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    Day #5 now of no download from Fidelity NetBenefits for 401k/403b accounts. "It's not your fault." Who is at fault is not the issue. C'mon Quicken! All of us pay you for this service so it's up to you to fix it. Give us an update! Your "base" is getting restless.
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    The Fidelity site has stopped working because Fidelity is revising the web site. The home page has a redirect error that started on or about 3/8/23. I tried connecting via the site from quicken. It does not list my retirement accounts. The responsibility for this to appears to be all on Fidelity in my opinion.
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    screen shot from
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    I am also having the same issue (OL-220-A with NetBenefits). My last successful connection was on 3/7/2023 4:31pm. Resetting the account connection did not correct the problem.
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    I am having the same problem still as of 3/11/2023

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    Yes, I agree with Joe Lalley. I just tried to log onto Fidelity website and there was a pop-up saying the page no longer exists. The link listed below the notice that's supposed to go to the new Fidelity homepage does not work. Today is the first time I've seen this on Fidelity website. I guess we need to wait for Fidelity...
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    This morning I got the notification on the Net Benefits site that my password needed to be updated. I did this successfully and updated the password in Quicken. I am still unable to download/update.

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    Can someone from the "Quicken Community" please reply with an ETA as to when this will get fixed in lieu of directing us to the posting that this has been a known issue since March 8?
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    Typical of Quicken not to work with the financial community. Fidelity has been promoting a move to a new web site for the past fiew months. They even make it known on their NetBenefits home page. Yet, in traditional Quicken fashion, Quicken does not work with them in advance and prepare for these changes or alert the community. Instead, they let the community discover the problem and make no attempt to reach a timely resolution.

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    It's sad but Quicken is the only game in town unless you want to surrender all your financial data to the cloud. I've been with Quicken since the 1980's and you just have to get use to their lack of; responsiness, quality control and innovation. They will eventually fix it, in the meantime just update manually.

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    I'm having the same OL-220-A problem with my and my husband's 401k's at Fidelity. I first noticed it on 3/7/23. I tried logging directly into NetBenefits that day too to manually update Quicken, and received a Fidelity message that they were experiencing problems with certain browsers after an update they'd done. The NetBenefits problem was resolved by 3/8/23, but not the Quicken download problem. Is Quicken is working with Fidelity to resolve?

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    Quicken Please resolve this OL-220 with Fidelity I have no updates from my acconts since 3/4/23….

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    I have an account with Fidelity that constantly won't update. I get the generic OL-220-A error, so I tried to deactivate online services for this account. In doing so I get the message about disconnecting and that before disconnecting I should complete the last online session, because Quicken will attempt to re-send the original request when I go online again. that is exactly what happens, but no matter what I do the online session is always trying to send "Fidelity: error recovery" when downloading transactions (even with the account de-activated from online setup.

    What else can I try to get this error resolved before re-activating online services for the account?

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    Quicken increases their fees/costs, and users get worse service out of them. I can't go a week without problems/issues with downloading data. I'm not sure what happened to Quicken. A few years back, I could go weeks and months without problems with the same accounts, and over the past year or two, I'm lucky if I get two weeks of back-to-back clean downloading.
  • I'm getting this error ol-220-a username 2 accounts. my netbenefits retirement account has 2 accounts assoiciated with it. the main account and the brokeragelink account. when reset the connection I am able to choose the account # to the main account. Unable to reconnect the brokeragelink account because the account # is never presented as a option to chose niether under netbenefits or fidelity investments. last download was march 6, 2023.

    The brokeragelink is now in manual mode. i still get the error ol-220-a username 1 accounts.

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    I am also get error code OL-220-A Have not been able to update since 3/7/2023

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    I've had the same error with the same account since 3/8. Any update?

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    Same here. 2 Fidelity Netbenny accounts that were working a week ago now won't update. Meanwhile my Non-Netbenny Fidelity account is working OK.
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    I"m having the same problem. OL-220-A when trying to download Fidelity Net Benefits. Quicken tech support is horrible, in my opinion. They haven't resolved an error I've been having with Citibank for several months, haven't resolved an error I'm having with American Express (can download one account and not the other one, even though both worked for years before this), and haven't resolved one with Wells Fargo (OL-292-B error that others are having today, also). I'm looking for alternative software, but so far I'm reluctant to lose all I've input in the last 26 years. If anyone knows of an alternative that will easily transfer what I have in Quicken, please let me know.

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    Having the same issue with Quicken, 2 accounts have no issue and 1 account does not download anything. Guess we have to wait until Fidelity and Quicken resolve the issua.

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    > @Batera99 said:
    > Here's a screen shot of my wife's (403b) and mine (401k) attempts to access Fidelity Netbenefits. Her is successful, mine has been showing error for 3 days now.

    BTW: this error only happens on Quicken for Windows. In Quicken for Mac, everything is fine with Fidelity and Netbenefits so far!
  • Harold-Jr
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    Same. Started yesterday

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    I too am a longtime Quicken user and have become discouraged after following this discussion over the last several days. I'm beginning to worry that because financial institutions are now steadily updating their on-line access and increasing their security, which is appropriate, 3rd party platforms like Quicken (there are few, maybe no others similar) will increasingly be shut out of access to their on-line services. These institutions may be less and less willing to work with platforms like Quicken. We all may have to accept that we will need to manually enter data into Quicken from the individual websites rather than rely on the automatic downloads.
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    I share the same issues and frustration as all the posters in this thread. At one point trying to access Fidelity, was informed that they're experiencing issues with third-party access and to use the browser private feature to access Fidelity portal. I pretty much did all the things some of the posters suggested (a lot of time spent trying to fix this) but still getting the failed download error. I have resorted to manually inserting the latest price/investment in Quicken to reflect the actuals until this issue can be resolved.
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    I am experiencing same issue. There have been no updates to below for 3 days now. Please provide latest status, and provide daily updates to keep your paying customers informed.