Citibank Reauthorization failure- Webpage "Citibank Consent" is blank



  • A. McDonald
    A. McDonald Member

    I had same "blank screen" problem. Saw another post, and this worked for me.

    Cleared cache and browsing history

    Opened new Chrome window (previous Chrome window with multiple tabs was still open as well)

    Started Reauthorization, and it went through.

  • ALL
    ALL Member

    I am having the same problem

  • sabuck0
    sabuck0 Member

    Thanks A. McDonald! Clearing the Chrome browser cache/history solved this annoying problem for me too.

  • CMNath
    CMNath Member

    Same here. Shame that we keep paying more an more for a production that clearly has more and more bugs and then you want us to report the issues and give you all the logs, etc. I feel like the community is the testing staff for intuit.

  • MrFolgers
    MrFolgers Member

    Problem still exists on 21 Jan

  • smay2121
    smay2121 Member ✭✭

    Same here… again another thing broken… Was looking forward to O365 having a financial alternative, sad they discontinued it. Was going to switch over… QW is so slow, and always buggy

  • parallox
    parallox Member

    I don't understand why they don't back this out already. Obviously a lot of people are impacted, and it isn't working.

  • Larry Hamilton
    Larry Hamilton Member ✭✭

    Same problem. It would appear that Quicken developers tested with a true citibank credit card but did not fully test with branded cards such as my AT&T Universal card or a Sears Mastercard for example. Tested with multiple browsers Opera, Edge and Chrome with the same results. Very disappointing.

  • xtexan
    xtexan Member ✭✭

    THIS WORKED FOR ME 1/21/24

    win 10 - quicken R54.9 - cleared stored data from chrome (did not sign out), made chrome my default browser

  • johnbeall55
    johnbeall55 Member

    I have the same problem. Using Classic Premier on Windows 11.

    Just wondering:

    How does Quicken maintain a business relationship with so many banks?

    What motivation does the bank have to keep their end of the Quicken connections working? They may regard it as just another nuisance.

    If some Citicards IT person makes a change that happens to interfere with Quicken and then goes on vacation, how could Quicken get the issue resolved?

  • GenaM
    GenaM Member

    Earlier suggestion of changing default browser to Edge worked for me. BUT then Quicken linked one of the bank accounts to the wrong existing Quicken account, and so transactions were loaded into the wrong account. To fix, I had to go to Account List, choose "edit" next to the account, click on Online Services tab, click "Reset Account", reauthorize and then change the account it gets linked to. and THEN I still had to correct the transactions previously downloaded to the wrong account and edit them so they were int h right account, or delete them/readd manually. What a pain!

  • you're_kidding
    you're_kidding Member ✭✭

    Does Quicken test anything before release?? You had a similar problem when you switched to this method with Chase. That lasted two months. Please give us a resolution date and make it fast.

  • you're_kidding
    you're_kidding Member ✭✭

    Ok, wow. Just after leaving my snarky message, it worked. I didn't really change anything. I left the blank authentication page, had closed the pop-up windows in Quicken. I went back to the browser and for grins, refreshed the page. I received boxes prompting for my login. Since the Quicken windows were closed, I closed the browser, too. I then restarted the process and it worked.

  • wizir01
    wizir01 Member

    I was able to get it to work by
    1) changing my default browser to Edge.
    2) Before signing in using Quicken, I opened Edge and signed into my Citibank account.
    3) I then did the One Step Update, was prompted for my userid/password, and was able to sign in and download my activity

  • infriedman
    infriedman Member

    I finally was able to get it to work. I use Quicken on my iMac using Edge. I logged into Citi, cleared the cache and then used the Quicken link to (finally) successfully open the authorization page. I had to re-log into Citi on that screen,

  • Bellinghamster
    Bellinghamster Member ✭✭

    People… just like most, was frustrated with the blank screen. Read another comment, so I cleared cache and browsing history,

    Started reauthorization without opening new Chrome session, Quicken automatically opened that new Chrome session and voilà, and it went through. Totally back to normal.

    Give it a try. Clear you cache and browsing history.

  • clifff
    clifff Member ✭✭

    Cleared cache and browsing history. No change..Does let me sign into Citi and says reauthorized. When I return to Quicken spinning wheel for sign in. Closed it. Checked accounts and citi is not set up to download transactions despite getting reauthorized message….terribly frustrating

  • dlipetz
    dlipetz Member ✭✭✭

    You should have waited for the Quicken spinning wheel to finish up and present you with the account linking screen…. At least that's how it worked for me. YMMV.

  • mrbill
    mrbill Member ✭✭

    Same here. Fix it please.😡

  • clifff
    clifff Member ✭✭

    Waited for it to stop spinning…says sign in failed. Try again. When I do so same thing…

  • kayak
    kayak Member ✭✭✭

    same problem; windows 10, Chrome browser, Q classic premium

    get a blank web login page @ Citibank…..

  • Daniel Arbeeny
    Daniel Arbeeny Member ✭✭
    edited January 21

    Used the Opera browser which worked perfectly and brought me back to Quicken BUT quicken did not know it worked and stayed in the grayed out window.

  • rlsystem
    rlsystem Member ✭✭

    I had the same problem but reference this post for a work around. Just go through the process of adding a new account for Citi and then point the accounts to your existing accounts.

  • Rocket J Squirrel
    Rocket J Squirrel SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    It worked for me today. The authorization page on the Citi site was populated, not empty like yesterday.

    The remaining issue is that there's apparently no way to restore Direct Connect. That option is ignored when re-connecting the account. All I could get was EWC+. It's better than nothing.

    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Biz & Personal Subscription (US) on Win10 Pro.

  • rrdozier
    rrdozier Member ✭✭✭

    Had no trouble getting the reauthorization page to show up yesterday. However after completing the task on 2 separate accounts yesterday, had to do it again today on both the Mac and Windows versions.

  • Jedi
    Jedi Member

    same issue

  • Sman
    Sman Member

    Ditto. Told I need to reauthorize, go through various Quicken prompts, get to browner, blank screen. Is there no QA at Quicken?

  • scyencegyrl
    scyencegyrl Member

    same issue using a Mac and chrome, used firefox instead, could connect to citibank however receive Quicken error

    An unexpected error occurred.

    Care Code: invalid_input

    Details:Empty SessionStorage on browser redirect

  • IAmRonald
    IAmRonald Member

    I switched my default browser to Edge then cleared the browser cache and I was able to complete the reauthorization process.

  • quicken_nl
    quicken_nl Member

    I had the same issue (Windows/Firefox) and was able to solve the issue doing the following.

    1 - Allow browser to open via Quicken

    2 - Hold down shift key and then click on the browser reload icon

    3 - That seemed to allow the connection to continue with login

    4 - NOTE: The account chosen as existing was NOT correct. Ensure that you select the correct existing account before allowing update.

    Hope this helps.

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