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Randy Chevrier
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After waiting 4 years to move from QMAC 2007 to the new QMAC, I've found I'm missing 4-5 items in the investment module. One of those is the Dividend Yield for individual securities. This is a figure that should be easily obtained if the Day High/Low and Volume are being queried.

Please, add Dividend Yield to the portfolio view.

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  • Chuck70
    Chuck70 Member
    Dividend and dividend yield were in Quicken 2007. WE NEED THEM THE CURRENT QW PROGRAM! These are among the most important stats we follow and use to buy or sell, especially for long term investors and those planning for retirement. Why are you avoiding doing this? This is a years old complaint.
  • mbs3
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    Performance reports both of stock and bond portfolios seem to reflect only price in QM19. In QM07, IRR reporting included dividends in performance calculations. Is there something I'm missing, or has this function not yet been added to the new QM?
  • rdcherry
    rdcherry Member
    I agree. Dividend yield was a convenient tool right in your portfolio view to analyze stocks. Sorting high to low is helpful use of the data. When can we expect Quicken to add this feature? I would have thought it would have been added by now. What is the hold up?
  • jacobs
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    rdcherry said:
    What is the hold up?
    I think it can be attributed simply to having many, many priorities clamoring for attention over the past few years, and probably not-yet-enough clamoring for this one.   @rdcherry @mbs3 and others who find this thread: it is not enough just to add your comments here; you must add your VOTE. If you have not yet done so, go to the first post in this thread, find the blue box under it, and click the small gray arrow under the vote counter. (After you've voted for an idea, the arrow turns solid black, so you can tell you've voted. If you click again, it removes  vote and goes back to gray.)

    For those who want this functionality in Quicken Mac, add your Vote above. The more votes a topic gets, the more likely it is for the developers to put it on their roadmap (or move it up if it's already there). 
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  • Tom Hughes
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    Agreed ! actually I would go for other data points as well, and I would be happy to pay for some of them. A full suite would include last dividend, ex-date, trailing 12 months' earnings and PE ratio, beta, maybe some industry info.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello All,

    The Community Support team regularly reviews long-standing posts and Ideas for relevancy and current interest. This Idea seems to have stalled and we would like to gauge the current interest in this request. 

    If you would like to see this idea implemented, please add your vote and a comment explaining how this idea would be beneficial for you. More information, including steps to vote and how to submit your own Ideas for future product features/improvements, is also available here.

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