Ability to reset the Y-axis scales in the Comparison Graph

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Get rid of the comparison graph!!!  You can "hide" it, but it won't go away.  For instance, If last month, you moved $10,000 into your checking account, then paid your tax bill, the comparison graph will show a $10,000 spike.  This would be OK, but when you "hide" the comparison, the Y-axis scales to have a $10,000 maximum range, even though your past and future balances all track to a range of (say) $0.00 to $27.50.  You see nothing but a straight line across the bottom of the graph.

Solution: re-scale the plot to fit the data that is displayed, not the data that is hidden.

My kludge:  Invent a Shadow Checking account, move the $10,000 deposit to that account, and indicate that the check for the tax bill came from there, and don't ever hope to reconcile that account online....
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  • this is very irritating, I recently got a larger transfer than usual and now my scaling is all messed up, there has to be a better fix for this
  • CColotti
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    This is still an issue I just hit this last week. Now that accounts projected balance Y Axis is huge and I can't regulate it back to "normal" and it's super hard to read!
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  • I have also had this annoying problem for years now, in which the Y-axis scale is way too large a range, and shows several large positive and negative spikes for whatever reason.

    This brings up another problem with the Comparison Plot, which is that I have no clue how it comes up with these large spikes!

    It really should not be that hard to re-scale the graph when not showing the Comparison Plot.

    Or, just remove the Comparison Plot feature entirely, since it has never been useful due to the constant "spikes".
  • jn19163
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    Comparison plot has a huge spike representing a future transaction that does not exist. Now my actual scheduled transactions are basically a horizontal line because the range of the Y axis is way too large. If I change the forecast from next 90 days to next 6 months the "phantom" transaction shifts to a new date but of course the spike is still there. Any ideas?
  • rockingw
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    I agree the comparison plot is useless. A big improvement would be showing the date on the popup when highlighting a point on the graph We receive a total of transactions and a balance, but no date. I would prefer to see X axis dates to make some sense as well.
  • montesxa
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    Smart y-axis scale with round number intervals would be the perfect fix and properly zoomed so thee entire plot is filled with information. The current random y-intervals and curve only occupying lower part of plot area looks horrible
  • Tom Auer
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    edited July 2022
    I like showing the projected balance for my primary account (checking) for the next 90 days, as it shows where I could have a cash-flow problem coming. But, what crazy algorithm does Quicken use to set the value axis points?! One of my current axis labels is $5,136.81, and the maximum label is well over twice the highest number projected. The value axis should scale to slightly exceed the projected high and low balances, and should use round numbers (for example, $500 or $1,000) for the value axis labels and horizontal gridlines. I'm surprised this user interface issue has been allowed to remain unchanged for so long.
  • UKR
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    Can you recreate and repost the image, please? It's too wide and appears to have been cut off, showing no vertical axis labels.


  • Tom Auer
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    UKR, I respectfully decline to do that, both because that would show more detail on my finances than I want to post publicly, and because I think I described the issue clearly enough. The two main points: the maximum was chosen inappropriately, and then intervals are quite odd.
  • JRob35
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    Being able to see and accurate representation of the cashflow would be very helpful. Would be great if when you "hide" the comparison chart it would re-scale the graph to what is visible.
  • Alexander Bray
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    The plot is showing the next 90 days projection agains the last 90 days of spend. The last 90 days of spend is automatically hidden, however the plot scaling seems to account for this hidden information. There is a small "picture graph" icon in the upper left portion of the plotting screen just below the "number of days" pull-down selection box. If you click on this, the past 90 day information shows up and you can see how this is affecting the plot. Selecting 6 months or a year also pulls up the past 6 months or year's information respectively. This can be quite confusing as it is not well documented.
  • Alexander Bray
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    I would like the see the plot scaled to the visible data, and not the hidden information.
  • jbs7
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    Comparison graph useless unless you can manipulate what it contains. As it is it only distorts the actual data scale. At least configure so when you hide it the scale fits the data displayed rather than the data hidden.
  • Where is there any documentation of what the comparison plot even does in Quicken for Mac? Why is this feature still here? At the very least, there could be some mouse-over tooltips that give the user some sense for what the different color plots represent. This is basic functionality that shouldn't fall in the realm of an enhancement that not enough people requested - this is simply a poorly built non-feature. I can schedule my bills and transactions very carefully but the Projected Balances graph is pretty useless with such a poorly scaled Y axis. Please fix this bug.
  • EricHardegree
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    Yes! Very well said. This should never have been implemented this way in the first place. It is very sloppy, very trashy. Unworthy of a real product.
  • joyzzzzus
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    I agree this is very annoying and unless you completed a random large amount of money transfer you wouldn't even notice this. I have 4 more months for my "last year" comparison amounts to disappear. Can't wait. This is my (second) post that someone finally replied to and sent me here to vote. Sharing because I included screenshots so it can be seen what we are all talking about if one isn't to understand. Thanks! 🙃

  • Quicken Kristina
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    This issue has been reported as a bug to our Development and Product teams for further investigation and resolution. Though we do not currently have an ETA, once a solution is created it will be made available as part of a future release.

    Thank you!


    Quicken Kristina

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  • lccalvert
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    First comment three years ago… just fix it. It's not hard.

  • TunaMacBook
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    I'm in full agreement with the need to fix the Y-axis scales in the Comparison Graph.

  • This thread was started 5 years ago and this bug still exists! C'mon Quicken, do better. It cannot be difficult to scale the graph to the data that is displayed only and not include hidden data points.

  • Jon
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    @scott.mccoy75 Since the status for this idea is Planned it's on their schedule to fix, we just don't know when.

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  • Eric
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    Quicken, FIX IT already! How hard can this be? It was a "feature" that wasn't even announced.