Ability to reset the Y-axis scales in the Comparison Graph

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Get rid of the comparison graph!!!  You can "hide" it, but it won't go away.  For instance, If last month, you moved $10,000 into your checking account, then paid your tax bill, the comparison graph will show a $10,000 spike.  This would be OK, but when you "hide" the comparison, the Y-axis scales to have a $10,000 maximum range, even though your past and future balances all track to a range of (say) $0.00 to $27.50.  You see nothing but a straight line across the bottom of the graph.

Solution: re-scale the plot to fit the data that is displayed, not the data that is hidden.

My kludge:  Invent a Shadow Checking account, move the $10,000 deposit to that account, and indicate that the check for the tax bill came from there, and don't ever hope to reconcile that account online....
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  • this is very irritating, I recently got a larger transfer than usual and now my scaling is all messed up, there has to be a better fix for this
  • CColotti
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    This is still an issue I just hit this last week. Now that accounts projected balance Y Axis is huge and I can't regulate it back to "normal" and it's super hard to read!
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  • I have also had this annoying problem for years now, in which the Y-axis scale is way too large a range, and shows several large positive and negative spikes for whatever reason.

    This brings up another problem with the Comparison Plot, which is that I have no clue how it comes up with these large spikes!

    It really should not be that hard to re-scale the graph when not showing the Comparison Plot.

    Or, just remove the Comparison Plot feature entirely, since it has never been useful due to the constant "spikes".
  • jn19163
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    Comparison plot has a huge spike representing a future transaction that does not exist. Now my actual scheduled transactions are basically a horizontal line because the range of the Y axis is way too large. If I change the forecast from next 90 days to next 6 months the "phantom" transaction shifts to a new date but of course the spike is still there. Any ideas?
  • rockingw
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    I agree the comparison plot is useless. A big improvement would be showing the date on the popup when highlighting a point on the graph We receive a total of transactions and a balance, but no date. I would prefer to see X axis dates to make some sense as well.
  • montesxa
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    Smart y-axis scale with round number intervals would be the perfect fix and properly zoomed so thee entire plot is filled with information. The current random y-intervals and curve only occupying lower part of plot area looks horrible
  • JRob35
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    Being able to see and accurate representation of the cashflow would be very helpful. Would be great if when you "hide" the comparison chart it would re-scale the graph to what is visible.