Quicken 2007 data file does not AutoSave a copy in OS Sierra 10.12.6

I have two Quicken 2007 data files. I am running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6  and starting today, one data file (my business finances) will autosave a backup upon quitting, but the other data file (my home finances) is unable to autosave a backup upon quitting. Both data files are using the same version of Quicken 16.2.4, and both are used on the same machine, but of course not at the same time, since only one data file can be open at a time. Any thoughts? Should I re-index the offending data file? And, here's an odd coincidence. I just today, purchased and downloaded Quicken 2019 for Mac to use on a different machine - to test it out on my home finances. Does Quicken somehow know this? ;-)

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  • Debbie
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    No error messages, and yes, very odd behavior. I will try "save a copy" from the file menu, while in the offending Quicken data file.

    I hear you about Quicken 2019 missing some features that Quicken 2007 has. One I do miss is the two line register view/display. I've checked out the other threads for the past few years, and will do so again. Thank you very much!
  • jacobs
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    @Debbie, the absence of the two-line register format is often pretty jarring to users migrating from Quicken Mac 2007 -- I know it was to me initially. I'd encourage you to keep an open mind about it and try it for awhile before deciding you don't like it. I've found there are a number of benefits, including the ability to customize my registers they way I like them by showing/hiding any column, rearranging column order, and tweaking column width. I also find it easier to scroll and visually skim up and down a screen looking for a specific piece of data because there aren't alternating rows of different data; when I return to Quicken 2007's two-line display, I actually find it harder to work with now. But I didn't feel that way initially; it took using it awhile for me to come around.

    That all said, there are certainly other users who have asked for a two-line register option. You can go to this Idea thread and cast your vote in favor of this functionality. (Scroll down until you see the blue box; then click the little arrow under the number.) The product manager has said that building a 2-line register in the current Mac programming environment would be pretty labor-intensive, and I think they've been focusing their big development efforts on building functionality which is completely missing rather than offering refinements and options to the interface -- but the more people who ask for it, the more likely they will decide to do it some day.
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