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Printing Checks (Q Mac)

BlueBlue Member
edited November 2019 in Printing (Mac)
I would like to see some flexibility in setting up voucher checks to print.  As of now, when you adjust the placement of the print, the entire screen moves.  This should be corrected by the engineers.
1.  I would like to print the address on the check in a larger font.
2.  I would like to print the dollar amount larger and in bold without printing all in bold.
3.  I would like to adjust each line item on the check individually so all letters and numbers are on the line provided on the voucher check.

This is a suggestion to the Quicken engineers to fix in an update soon I hope.

Thank You.
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  • LAJimmLAJimm Member
    Definitely need more flexibility especially in the placement of the memo field and the information on the voucher. Quicken 2007 was more advanced than Quicken 2020.
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