move Quicken Mac 2006 files from macbook pro 10.6.8 into Quicken 2020 on mac book 10.15.3

I am being forced to update, my

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  • royadsit
    royadsit Member ✭✭
    I am being forced to update, my trusted mac book 10.6.8,
    So that means new 64 programs.
    How can I keep all those transactions, history, spending patterns?
    ie All the stuff data that makes Quicken worth the price??
    I waited to see if Quicken would loss its place after such a dispicible move as cutting off old customers...
    But the market did not move that way, as far as I can tell, Quicken is still my best match for personal finance.
    But I do Not want to lose all that history...
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @royadsit  I'm not sure why you consider it "despicable" for your 14 year-old Quicken software to require replacement when it is you who are replacing your computer and your operating system. Is Apple "despicable" for not having macOS 10.6.8 capable of running on your new Mac? For better or worse, computer hardware keeps evolving, which means computer operating systems keep evolving, which means application software keeps evolving. It's sometimes a pain to have to modernize things that are working just fine, but unless you can keep using your very old computer indefinitely, it's just a fact of life.

    In terms of Quicken, as noted above, the good thing is that you should be able to import your old Quicken data into the current Quicken Mac. Technically, the current program reads Quicken 2007 files, but people have had mixed results trying to import  Quicken 2006 files. If the modern Quicken Mac doesn't import your Quicken 2006 data file, you might need to hunt down and purchase a copy of Quicken 2007, install that on your old 10.6.8 MacBook Pro, let it update your Quicken 2006 data file, and then import the resulting Quicken 2007 data file into the current Quicken Mac. 
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  • royadsit
    royadsit Member ✭✭
    issue is lack of continuity in the growth...
    When I went to upgrade years ago, the break was there.
    I paused, hoping for an improvement, the program improved, but never fixed the break...

    Anybody out there have a 2007 mac version??
  • royadsit
    royadsit Member ✭✭
    wow lots of info there!
    will take a while to process...
    Hopefully I will find a way to move all my data to the new program.

    Issue seems to keep coming back to the 2007 version.
    but how do I get that version?

    I'm assuming it will run on my 10.6.8??
    IF I can find it??

    been a few years now, but if i remember, that was a low point for the program??
    LOTS of bugs & other problems??
    I think that's why I didn't upgrade way back when...

    Still looking for a way...
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    royadsit said:
    Issue seems to keep coming back to the 2007 version... been a few years now, but if i remember, that was a low point for the program?? LOTS of bugs & other problems??
    No, I think you’re remembering wrong. Quicken 2007 was the end of 20+ years of development, and is pretty widely regarded as the gold standard the current new-generation Quicken Mac aspires to but doesn’t yet equal. Quicken 2007, with only a few tweaks, managed to work for many users for a decade or more, across 9 Mac operating systems. Yes, it has a few issues which can cause it to crash, and the database can run out of space to hold more transactions, but it was mostly remarkably reliable.

    You can often find someone selling a copy of Quicken 2007 on eBay. The price is a rip-off, but if it can rescue all your old data, you might find it worthwhile.
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