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One-Step Update crashes Quicken and launches Bugsplat



  • downsm3downsm3 Member ✭✭
    Whenever I try to download from one of my brokerage accounts. One STep update just crashes. If I just do my banks it works fine.
  • After OSU crashed, I validated and saw that my bank account going back to August lost categories for transactions and reconciliations I had done for August, September and October were gone. It looks like Quicken tried to repost transactions from the original bank download files that had been in the cloud. Anyway it created a mess. Not only does OSU hang and crash, it also corrupts bank accounts and who knows what else.
  • Dave493Dave493 Member ✭✭
    > @scottfmc said:
    > Updates crashing when I attempt to update any Fidelity Investment or NetBenefit accounts. I can individually update other online accounts, but Fidelity will crash as will a One Step attempt.

    This is my experience as well. I successfully updated individually and collectively from all other institutions without problem. Fidelity is the problem.
  • DavidGeschkeDavidGeschke Member ✭✭
    OSU crashes every time and I get the Bugsplat error reporting screen. Restarted Windows, validated file, nothing has helped so far.
  • twobbstwobbs Member
    Same here. But only for investment accounts.
  • brossygbrossyg Member
    All of the sudden, One Step Update not working. It gets to the progress screen, but each account never progresses. They all stay at "Waiting..." My internet connection is fine.
  • Chris GlennChris Glenn Member ✭✭
    Me too - worked fine yesterday...
  • twobbstwobbs Member
    Same here. Reinstalled Quicken, no luck. There was at least one more person with this question.
  • Chris14Chris14 Member ✭✭
    Same problem as everyone else. OSU freezes. The only way to kill it is to end task in Task Manager. The gear icon updates work individually but on investment accounts kills program. Quotes do not update.
    This program is getting more and more buggy. Very discouraging.
    Quicken for Windows 64 Bit.
  • jstefanellijstefanelli Member ✭✭
    I'm getting BUGSPLAT pop up when I try to onestep update my Discover Card account. I've never seen BUGSPLAT before, is this a Quicken application to capture errors?
  • jacklevisjacklevis Member ✭✭
    My One Step Update is crashing on Discover card.

    I one by one selected updates for each account. They all work except discover. When it updates, Quicken just crashes.

    This has happened before, many times...

    Is there no way to gracefully exit from a problem?
  • hanski9hanski9 Member
    I’ll add that I too have done the same troubleshooting with the same results. Also sent the info in the bugsplat pop up...after learning what bugsplat is.
  • schmidtjschmidtj Member ✭✭
    Add me to the list. It "looked" like it was updating Citi but Fidelity would be next so it very well might have been Fidelity. This seems 100% reproducible. I sent the Bug Splat report in.
  • Same here! Please fix and let us know status (the waiting is the worst). Thanks.
  • pwwojcikpwwojcik Member
    This is troubling. Same experience. Happening when I updated Fidelity but also when I update Schwab.
  • Narrowed down to Discover card/bank accounts only.
  • CliffCliff Member ✭✭
    One Step Update crashes after downloading one account. Cannot close OSU have to go to Task Manager to close Quicken. Have done this 3 times this morning. Where is Quicken Support on this issue? I am running windows Quicken Premier R29.22
  • Ken TemplinKen Templin Member ✭✭
    One step update is not working for me either. It was working fine yesterday but today it closes the program and give me the bug reporting tool.
  • Jim ReidJim Reid Member ✭✭
    Same here
  • Not just Discover. Not just Fidelity.
  • wrouffawrouffa Member ✭✭
    OSU is crashing continuously.
    Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try
  • Dom FinoDom Fino Member ✭✭
    Yep, same for me. I cannot get one step update to work. It crashes the program.
  • jstefanellijstefanelli Member ✭✭
    Quicken is crashing when I try to OneStep update to my Discover Card Account. Application closes and a pop up window called BUGSPLAT appears asking if I want to submit the report of the error. I said No because I'm not familiar with BUGSPLAT, is this a Quicken application to collect bugs?
  • twobbstwobbs Member
    Same for me. Schwab and Fidelity. Bank accounts and credit card accounts work. Update of quotes work. Update of transactions, not. Worked as of yesterday.
  • I noticed that the password vault differed with the accounts that crashed versus the ones that didn't. The accounts that crashed had passwords saved (as expected). The accounts that didn't crash said "no password required"... but those accounts really do need passwords. Also, when running validate on the file, it said that it was corrupted and a category was removed... but not which one.
  • hpllchpllc Member ✭✭✭
    Worked on for a while this morning.  Fidelity and Discover accounts causing an issue.  Discover account had weird data in the account number field.  Rather than an account number is was "discovr" followed by numbers and letters.  Removed online setup information from all Discover and Fidelity accounts.  Also located two accounts that were previously setup but for some reason when attempting to individually update they were asking for a password with no way to enter the password.  Deactivated those accounts, one Amex and one Capital One.  Then OSU worked as it should and completed.  This to me is yet another example of an unstable platform and quite disappointing. 
  • wrouffawrouffa Member ✭✭
    ALL accounts crash one step update as of this morning
    Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try
    Crashes when I try to update Schwab, Edward Jones, Wells Fargo, AmEx. Leaving these unchecked allows Capital One, Citi, Chase to update and no issues. Also noticed that Quicken will not accept manual password entries to the problem accounts. As if there is an issue with the Password Vault or something along those lines???? Frustrating.
  • downsm3downsm3 Member ✭✭
    twobbs - thanks. I'll skip reloading the app then. So nothing from Quicken on te topic then?
  • Jim ReidJim Reid Member ✭✭
    Same here
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