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One-Step Update crashes Quicken and launches Bugsplat



  • Pat MarshallPat Marshall Member ✭✭
    OSU crashes for me repeatedly this AM with subsequent Bugsplat screen. Did reinstall, backup file, file validation and did not resolve. Can individually update each account except for Discover and Schwab. I don't think it is my file. I had an older file on my laptop and I got Bugsplat there as well. I have to conclude that OSU is broken on Quicken side. Cannot reach customer support.

  • Winter001Winter001 Member ✭✭
    Me too.... Quicken crashes with One Step Update. OSU and displays Bugsplat error report window. Each repeated attempt at OSU = same result.

    Temporary partial fix for me:
    I have found I have successful One Step Updates (OSU), if I deselect DISCOVER accounts in OSU and then do OSU. Without DISCOVER accounts selected , OSU will proceed without Crash and Bugsplat.
  • tomsirtomsir Member ✭✭
    OSU abends when updating any brokerage account.
    What does this mean?
  • IRMackIRMack Member
    Unable to update Schwab accounts. What is BugSplat? Closes program, re-boot, same problem on update. Worked fine Monday.
  • Hashtag MeToo...
  • lmbeck65lmbeck65 Member ✭✭
    Same here, unable to update Fidelity / Netbenefits only, all other institutions update fine. Getting really tired of Quicken problems, ready to ask for a refund and find another way to manage my finances.
  • QWMaxQWMax Windows Beta Beta
    edited November 2020
    Add me to the long list. Crashes Quicken in 2 different databases and launches Bugsplat. Sent 3 reports.

    Should also note this is not specific to an account. It happens on all accounts.
    Version R29.22
  • QuickenFan-notQuickenFan-not Unconfirmed, Member
    Same issue. Updates to individual credit card account worked but my brokerage accounts (Fidelity, Etrade, and Schwabb) crash each time, then the bugsplat windows opens.
  • Same here
  • Jim ReidJim Reid Member ✭✭
    Don't bother reinstalling or using a backup, must be on the Quicken side, they borked the connections again
  • jperry71jperry71 Member
    I am having the same problem over and over today. I rebooted my computer and even uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken.
  • spamanspaman Windows Beta Beta
    my fidelity is the problem and causing others to crash on osu

  • JackLJackL Member
    Same issue reported with OSU: Select OSU, enter password, AmEx updates but not any other account like Chase, Schwab, Discover, etc. Sent a couple of Bugsplat reports.
  • KJTemplinKJTemplin Mac Beta Beta
    QMac is not updating too.  I run both QWin and QMac and neither one are able to update this morning.  This is clearly a Q issue related to their servers supporting updates. Please resolve as quickly as possible..
  • Jim ReidJim Reid Member ✭✭
    crash and busplat
  • DCBDCB Member
    Can update each account individually EXCEPT Fidelity accounts. I have already gone through validating the data file, rebooting, etc. I have used Quicken since the 1990's and the program has gotten more buggy over the last few years. This is unacceptable, I don't send information to unknown entities and Quicken has not been forthcoming on hidden information gathering malware has been included in the software. Not okay!
  • GeoMWatGeoMWat Member
    Confirmed here. Both Fidelity and Discover (Bank, not card) cause splats even in individual mode. OSU will crash every time.
  • TommyTommy Member ✭✭
    Hello? Quicken? Is there no one on the Quicken team to respond to this string? Or is this just another Quicken dead end? How about some customer support?
  • Same problem for me - updated OK for Wells Fargo, but crashed when I tried to update a Schwab account. Just hung when I did a one-step update.
  • Roger StarrRoger Starr Member ✭✭
    Unchecking Fidelity Netbenefits but leaving all others checked (Bank of America, Capital One, Chase and TD Ameritrade) let OSU complete normally multiple times.
  • Gary RGary R Member ✭✭
    I spent over an hour this morning with this BUGSPLAT Crash!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried all the recommended fixes on this forum and nothing worked. I uninstalled the program and tried to re-install and got error message mid way through the install. I was losing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I then went to program files (86) and manually deleted any quicken items. Then restarted PC and installed program. This time it worked.
    One Step Update is now working---I actually fixed the problem---Not bad for a 72 year old with very limited tech skills------ha
  • Ron CzapalaRon Czapala Member ✭✭
    edited November 2020
    Able to update PNC Bank and Capital One individually, but BugSplat on DiscoverCard and Schwab
  • Jim ReidJim Reid Member ✭✭
    Looks like Quicken brokerage connection issues
  • helmm2015helmm2015 Member ✭✭
    Same OSU problem. Seems to be an annual customer service event every fall for me and Quicken OSU
  • hbaulischhbaulisch Member ✭✭
    Same issue! I can update individual accounts EXCEPT my DiscoverCard account. I have been receiving ghost entries from DiscoverCard for a couple weeks (line items that have no currency values but, do have an FIT ID). BugSplat appears on DiscoverCard for me.
  • MaikeerMaikeer Member ✭✭✭
    Like others, I am seeing crashes for OSU.   

    Schwab and Fidelity brokerages and Discover Bank are the ones that crash for me when I try to download accounts individually.  Other brokerages, banks and credit cards seem to work. 

    Quicken for Windows subscription.  Quicken user since 1990.   
  • jt133djt133d Member
    I'm having the same issue with my Fidelity account.
  • rmerdinrmerdin Member
    Just FYI, received BugSplay when updating only Discover CC, so it may be more than just brokerage accounts.
  • don mcginnisdon mcginnis Member ✭✭
    Same, One step update just locks up when doing update all. I was able to update other banks individually. When I tried to update fidelity individually i got bugsplat.
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