PNC Download Issue (QWIN)



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    [Removed - Off Topic/Violation of Community Guidelines/Rant]
    Quicken Deluxe for Windows. Latest subscription version. I've been a user for decades.

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  • "Last update August 5, 2022" and 505 error every since. Come on, Quicken -- figure it out!
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    I've used this product for at least 25 years. I've never seen such a mess in all of that time. PNC hasn't worked in days. [Removed - Off Topic/Rant]
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    Same problem. Keep getting the round around. [Removed - Disruptive]
  • jschiren
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    I'm still getting the 505 error. Please correct this issue!
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    How long if you have upgraded to a priority? [Removed - Off Topic]? :)
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    ok, so i got my pnc working. It was awkward but it works, just had to do some manual corrections after the download, but it now is working. Go into tools, account list, online services, edit, deactivate. Then go to File, "Validate and repair" then go to upate and add the credentials of your account, (log in and pw) let it think a little. Then it will ask you again for your log in and pw, enter it, it will then ask to send you a sms message with a code to your phone to enter in the program, enter the passcode and enter. It will go through a waiting period for about 30-90 seconds and it will update. Good luck all!
  • schleiff
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    FYI, you will get an email from PNC stating you are linking to a 3rd party. Also when it is going through the process, Quicken will ask you to link the PNC accounts that it finds at PNC to the EXISTING accounts on Quicken. Dont create new accounts, link to existing.
  • arlingpj
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    Quicken Premier, latest version, user for decades. Web connect with PNC has not worked for the last week. We are paying a premium subscription price but not getting a usable service. Why does Quicken not at least respond to these posts?
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    it has now been 7 days since we have been unable to use webconnect to get PNC data. [Removed - Speculation/Rant]
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    This is a PNC issue not Quicken. I use several financial aggregators ([Removed - 3rd-Party Softwares]) and PNC isn't connecting on any of them so this is a PNC issue.
  • tjwo
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    Still doesn't work in the AM (today Aug. 12).
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  • rdclawn
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    My PNC accounts seem to be updating properly. However, I still get the error notice. Perhaps I need to reset my PNC accounts to eliminate the error. I have done so in the past. This seems a poor way to handle the issue. It should be transparent to the end user.
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    I am still having the problem - how long until this is fixed?
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    August 12, 2022, 9:00AM ET I just spoke with PNC Customer no service. The service has been down since July 26. There have been no messages provided to Quicken users. There is no ETA when the service will be restored.
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    Dan Gilmartin said:
    it has now been 7 days since we have been unable to use webconnect to get PNC data. [Removed - Speculation/Rant]
    Just to get this correct, you can not log into the PNC website, download a Web Connect .QFX file and import it into Quicken, do I have your issue correct?
    Or, do you mean that you are using Express Web Connect or Direct Connect with One Step Update and it isn't working?
    The connection type is shown on the Account List (Tools menu).

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    [Removed - Off Topic]
  • David Green
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    Everyone should call Quicken Support and ask for a credit on their subscription.  The only way that we have to motivate Quicken to get this resolved is financially.     I work in technical support.   If something like this were going on where I work, it would not take a week to resolve.  

    I got a 2 month extension on my subscription.  I encourage everyone else affected to do the same.  
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  • snyderdm2005
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    This is what I got from PNC Chat just now:
    "It is my pleasure to help! You should be able to link the account(s) with Quicken between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am EST."
    I asked, "but what I'm asking is that I am sleeping those hours. So will I be able to do it tomorrow when I wake at 6 am EST."
    He said, "At this time, you cannot. This service is only activated during these hours and then decommissioned. We are working to have it available all day."
  • WolfDaddy
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    > @jacobs said:
    > @mjferrante71 @jschiren Are you complaining to PNC? Its their outage, so asking Quicen to fix it is barking up the wrong tree.

    It's not PNC's outage. Quicken has admitted it is Quicken's problem. Read the whole thread here.
  • BarbaraRich
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    It worked for me yesterday, but has stopped working again today.
  • Nancy
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    Having the same issue with 3 of 5 PNC checking accounts. I should be used to it by now.
  • cuscom
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    Have tried all suggested "solutions" to no avail. Downloads via Web Connect have not worked for a week now. Please resolve this issue!
  • rdclawn
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    I get the CC 505 error on two PNC checking accounts. No errors on my PNC savings accounts.
  • Spotteddog
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    I deactivated one of my PNC accounts several days ago hoping that would fix this. I have been trying to reactivate it once daily since this started.
    It has been connected via web connect for years. So nothing changed there.
    Of course, today (8/12) I still get an error when I try to reconnect.
    When I worked in IT, everyone would immediately be called into work and they had to stay until this was fixed, even if it took all night. I have been there all night many times.
  • dianac72
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    I am receiving error CC-502 when attempting to update my account with PNC Bank. I have been experiencing this for a few days now.
  • gmaislin
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    Same error for several days -505. Cannot download PNC transactions.
  • tjwo
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    > @gmaislin said:
    > Same error for several days -505. Cannot download PNC transactions.

    Try downloading tonight after 10PM EST. From a former post, "You should be able to link the account(s) with Quicken between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am EST."
    Quicken Subscription R45.21Windows 11 Home 64-bit version 10.0.22621.963
  • coolbranch
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    I now remember getting a popup on Sunday, August 7 when trying to download my EWC accounts. It asked for a phone # to send a verification code to. Quicken has never done this before. I entered the code and Quicken continued with download attempt but failed with CC-505 error. I am pretty sure that PNC has somehow made this mandatory for 3rd party apps like Quicken or Quicken has not figured out how to deal with it. I use two step authentication when I login to online banking via web. I had to set this security feature myself on the bank site. I wonder if this was disabled on the bank site, would this clear Quicken of the error for some. Just a shot in the dark.
  • unclebob1216
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    schleiff: I believe your successful PNC connection probably occurred after 10:00 PM EST.

    Per my recent conversation with PNC tech support the connection will only work between 10 pm and 4 am EST.

    Even during those magic hours some steps in your instructions seem to be wrong. For instance, I believe your first step should have said:
    Go into tools > account list > CHOOSE YOUR PNC ACCOUNT > EDIT > online services > deactivate
    and your instructions "go to upate" are a confusing typographical error.

    Perhaps you meant "Go to One Step Update" but that doesn't seem to make sense.
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