Would like to see performance of market index such as DJI

In Quicken for Windows I could do this but with Quicken for MAC it is not available although I can see the data history when I look at the Security list
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    Thanks for posting this suggestion!
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    For myself, only as an option and there are many other features I'd like to see implemented first. 
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    RCinNJ said:

    For myself, only as an option and there are many other features I'd like to see implemented first. 

    Priorities are always being managed. Vote counts help direct that, weighed against cost/benefit, effort, available resources, alignment to business plans, etc, etc. And a low vote count does not automatically make it a low priority, nor does a high vote count automatically guarantee immediate attention, though it does help.

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    Seems strange that I can have the DJIA ticker and name in Quicken Mac, it will download the daily price...but there is NO way to see the performance.

    I tried purchasing shares of the DJIA...but QM wouldn't let me do that.  I tried adding a new "dummy" security, but QM wouldn't let me do that either.

    I have a Watch List I created in QM by adding valid securities and tickers, ADD SHARES of 0.00001 (so as not to affect my Net Worth) and that works just fine.

    I then click on the security name and get re-directed to investing.quicken.com...which is great.  I can then see the performance of that security on my Watch List plus all the pertinent info I need.

    But there is apparently no way to do this with ANY Index Fund listed in QM...and the Index Fund can't be listed in the Watch List.  
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