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  • DPP28
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    @Tammy Van Buren said:
    > I sent an e-mail to the CEO last evening. I got an update from him and he states that Fidelity has identified the change that they made on 3/7 that is causing the issue and that "Their current goal is 'to revert and test the changes with a target release of tomorrow, 3/22, at 9 PM EST’.

    As of 10:30 PM EST Fidelity NetBenefits still not downloading, same error.
  • Tammy Van Buren
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    It appears that whatever Fidelity thought the fix was didn't work. So disappointing.

  • davem37
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    Problem still there for me, too

    My Fidelity NB 401 continues to work just fine, but my wife's Fidelity NB 403 account STILL does NOT work.

  • arg1360
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    I've been using Quicken for about 30 years and find this latest issue SUPER FRUSTRATING. Sounds like there are a bunch of people running the company who definitely don't Understand Customer Satisfaction and GOODWILL. I just renewed my subsription in FEB.

  • Ducati
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    Both my 401k and 457b accounts continue to show the same "not your fault" error when download is attempted this AM. Ongoing since 3/7.
  • BrittMayo
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    edited March 23
    No relief here yet, either. I also tried resetting the account, which worked (able to establish connection between the Quicken account and NetBenefits) but still did not solve the problem. Got OL-293 (Quicken is unable to update your account because unexpected information was received from your financial institution.)

    So the problem remains that Quicken is communicating successfully with NetBenefits, but NetBenefits is sending something in a form that Quicken doesn't understand (e.g., NetBenefits broke it and they either haven't fixed it yet or their fix didn't work).
  • GermanBlueRam
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    I don't have all the facts, but at this point I am most annoyed with Fidelity.

  • mileska817
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    Agreed. Still not working.
  • DPP28
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    Still down. Contact with Fidelity today - following provided (more of the same):

    "This is an issue that Fidelity is aware of, there was a recent security update made by Fidelity earlier this month, this has caused a small issue of having your information being sent to the third party software. Fidelity is actively working to have that restored for you.

    As of right now we have not been provided with an estimation for when that will be resolved. In the meantime, your information is still currently available through the Fidelity mobile apps."
  • DPP28
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    Even if the root cause lies with Fidelity - it's becoming apparent that Quicken doesn't have enough leverage to get a timely resolution (even though we pay for a service that's not currently being provided) and Fidelity seems too big to care or devote the necessary resources to address what has been indicated as a fairly large issue ("25-30% of our customers are affected" per a Fidelity phone rep)
  • DouglasB
    DouglasB Windows Beta Beta

    If true, this would lead me to believe that this is something that Fidelity would want to correct as quickly as possible. I don't know Fidelity's engineering process, but it's very possible the issue was found and fixed already and we're simply waiting for the test cycles to complete before it's seen by customers. I'm sure no one in Fidelity wants to short-cut the testing because they wouldn't want a fix to break it even more than it is already broken.

  • DPP28
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    DouglasB - I'm OK with rigorous testing, but a little more transparency in to where they are in the process would be nice (e.g., "We have identified a software issue, have determined a resolution, and are now in the process of rigorous testing before its release to ensure it reestablishes functionality, does not cause any adverse effects with other functionality and maintains the requisite levels of data integrity and security").

    Then again, maybe one person is working this in his/her spare time....
  • DPP28
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    On a related note - a Fidelity webinar scheduled for today leads to a link "the server cannot be found" - feeling better by the minute....
  • Brian14
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    @DouglasB Fidelity does not support third-party data aggregators. Q's subscription value add provides transaction download. Onus upon Q to work with Fidelity and fix the problem.
  • RayKer
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    it's not a money issue as it still works via fidelity global

  • DouglasB
    DouglasB Windows Beta Beta

    Yes, I think it's clear that the integration is broken and both companies need to do something before there is a resolution. Customers can make their own decision on where to go from here. I'm merely annoyed, seems some people view it more deeply than that. One thing I know about life is that nothing is perfect. I don't really care if it's Quicken or Fidelity that provides the critical fix.

  • kmckinnon
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    My wife's Fidelity Netbenefits 401a and 403b continue to fail to download. My Fidelity HSA is working. Our accounts are configured for Simple - Positions Only tracking.
  • Sco0ter
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    I am right with everyone on the chat. Fidelity NetBenfits stopped updating in Quicken Since early March. I called the number on the error screen and they didn't even know what Quicken was. Very frustrating (Also a 30 year customer of Quicken). I am now starting to use Empower, Home Personal Capital to track all my investments and am able to import my 401k using Fidelity NetBenefits Textron as the Financial Institution. Everything downloads there. The Best part is it's Free!!
  • Davidlee
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    I have been getting the message that not all accounts updated after doing the One Step Update and see that it is the Fidelity Netbenefits accounts. I dont have any transactions but use the connection to get the value for the investment funds. I notice that the last day that the fund price updated was on March 5, 2023. So this change seems to be from that date.
    Today I spoke to 5 different people at Fidelity and most of them have never heard of Quicken (except 1person) . I also called Quicken to report and while i was waiting found this discussion and mentioned it to the rep. But he seemed to have no idea and I'm a bit frustrated that neither side seems to care. I really like Quicken when it works but this is one time it doesn't and it doesn't seem that there is any communication on either side to resolve it.
  • arg1360
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    Anybody have the CEOs Email?
  • woppenhe
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    Sure, report the issue, but do not waste your time trying to fix it if others are having the same issue. It is bigger than you.

  • davidiblatt
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  • BrianHKC
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    still not working as of 2:15 today
  • TrentTh
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    Per "Quicken Anja" (screen shot in thread), I've selected the ribbon but not sure what that does as I haven't received any other update since that time. Issue still persist………thanks all for sharing your like issues………

  • StevenJ
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    Selecting that ribbon/bookmark, from what I've seen, just emails you when it gets updated. So once/week so far I've received emails for that thread being updated.

  • Tony Luers
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    Fidelity just responded to my inquiry,

    They blame it all on Quicken.

    "After looking further into this error message, I have confirmed that this is a known issue on the Quicken side. Per an entry on their community site ( Titled: Ongoing 3/22/23 Fidelity NetBenefits - OL-220), their moderators have confirmed that this issue has been escalated internally and will provide updates via this post. However, we do not have a timeframe for resolution."

    I'm glad to see that Fidelity technical support comes to this community page for information.

  • Scooter831
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    Quicken really sucks. I just tried to reset and update my Fidelity 401k account and it wiped out all my data and history. It reduced my total investment! Luckily I had a back up.
  • DPP28
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    Three weeks in….how about an answer to this - WILL the functionality EVER be restored? Or does this simply continue until people give up?
  • jdap
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    (anybody got that ceo email address handy?)
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