Auto-Enter Reminders don't work anymore - changed to Manual/Upcoming - (edit X9)



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    R50.16 - doesn’t “fix” things that were changed - it just prevents it from happening again … you have to manually fix all the Reminders that were changed

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  • NewportBeach92660
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    Same issue here… Annoying bug but at least I know why it's happening. I guess I'll need to remember to check after updates. Currently on version R50.16

  • economist411
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    I have R50.16 and I am also experiencing this problem.

  • DotCom
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    This seems to be working just fine after the latest release. None of my auto-post scheduled transactions are suddenly reverting to reminders anymore. That's a big relief.

    Now, go fix Quicken's horrendous screen handling.

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  • Pete_ATL
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    My infamous transaction that Bill and Income Reminders kept asking me "Schedule These?" finally took "No" for an answer. Now if they fix the software changing Auto to Skipped we'll be in good shape

  • chriskay
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    It's working for me now.

  • Mike Curran
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    Latest firmware update changed all my automatically entered bills to "remind me 3 days prior". Now I have to manually change them all back, I don't want reminders, I want them entered automatically. Anybody else notice this? Is there a simpler workaround than changing each one back, one at a time? I'm running Q Enterprise (not what I thought - I'm a home user) build


  • Jim_Harman
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    Where do you see "Quicken Enterprise"? Normally the Editions shown at Help > About Quicken are Starter, Deluxe, Premier, and Home & Business.

    Releases prior to R50.16 were converting "Auto enter" reminders to "Remind me" for users that have Cloud Sync enabled.. After installing R50.16, you can change the reminders back to Auto enter and the setting should stick.

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  • Ps56k2
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    just to clarify - the R50.16 release fixed the error as for the future….
    but you have to manually go back and fix all the Reminders that were changed in error….
    the R50.16 does NOT go back and fix those entries that were changed

    and here is the main thread on that topic -

    and this is "software" not "firmware"… which is usually installed at the chip level -
    and there is no "Enterprise" level of Quicken

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  • cbarfield
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    Answer ✓

    Thank you Jim. I had completed multiple updates since the problem started and it never fixed it. I now have R50.16 and it seems, thus far, to be fixed. Thanks.

  • SFortune
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    Same issue Why is it taking so long to fix??

  • Ps56k2
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    it is fixed - in R50.16 - from happening again -
    BUT it doesn’t undo the damage… you have to manually handle that yourself

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  • Ps56k2
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  • Ps56k2
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    @mdkat @AHN - the R50.16 only prevents it from happening in the future…

    You have to manually change the Reminders back to their Auto status…. the R50.16 fix does NOT do that for you.

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  • AHN
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    What happened to the Quicken" Auto enter transactions reverting back to remind" link gome go?????

  • Ps56k2
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    I have suggested to the Admins to reopen that link - it had been Archived

    It should be back - but only for ONE WEEK -
    for some reason, the Admins like to CLOSE and Archive postings after they have been marked as RESOLVED -
    even when they say they will leave them left open…

    RESOLVED 7/20/23
    This issue has been marked as resolved.
    However, this Alert will remain available for those who may still be experiencing this.
    Thank you

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  • james150
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    I went through and revised all my bills to be auto-entered, and I see some are reverting back to manual.

  • Ps56k2
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  • Ps56k2
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    if you read above -

    it was resolved in R50.16

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  • Robert Armani
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    Check and see if your Mobile & Web is On. If it is, turn it Off.

  • DaveWhite71
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    Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that scheduled transactions are STILL not working properly. Today, I found THREE AUTO transactions that showed the next transaction due in September, even though the August transactions were never entered in the register. Just ludicrous that this has been so badly handled, both in the updates and lack thereof.

  • jodmarch
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    Hello Quicken Janean,

    My reminders are not auto-inserting in the registers with R51.

    You mention two different issues "this issue" and "auto-reminders". I thought this issue was about auto reminders. Could you clarify please for those of us that don't have the bandwidth to read 20 pages of comments to understand the difference?


  • mshiggins
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    This issue discussion was about auto enter reminders getting changed to “remind me” reminders. Issues with auto enter reminders failing to automatically insert in account registers is NOT covered in this discussion.

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  • Michael Hauser
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    the first issue was any entries set for Auto converting to manual has been resolved. You do, however, need to go back and revert your auto entries to Auto. Once that was done, it seems to work. (Make sure you have the updated version of quicken).

    As regards to Auto entries not entering, any time it has happened to me, I review the entry and usually find out I have something set incorrectly. It happens.

  • JennyPMC
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    So incredibly annoying and financially irresponsible of Quicken to have this happen. We're missing having upcoming transactions auto-entered and potentially getting late payments to our creditors and utilities. This is not acceptable and the bug needs to be fixed as a high priority for the developers. Please!! [Edited - Readability]

  • mshiggins
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    The issue of reminders set to auto entry being changed to “remind me” reminders has been fixed. If you are referring to auto entry reminders failing to enter themselves in account registers, that is an entirely different issue.

    I’m having trouble understanding how not having reminders auto entered makes you have late payments. Are you waiting to see the automatically entered transaction in your account register before making a payment?

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