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It should be about time for Quicken to develop a dedicated true mobile app for the iPad and Andriod Tablets. The mobile version is not a true companion to the desktop or mobile app. All it is just an iPhone version scaled. How easy would it be to port the mac desktop version to the iPad. You already gonna have to port it to Apple Silicon.
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    Got to love the term universal when it means run on one manufacturers devices.

    My first look at this suggested that it didn't run on Android but maybe I'm wrong about that but of course that leaves out the windows.

    But I'd also say that is isn't a mobile version in the traditional sense.

    The concept of Quicken mobile and web is that you're syncing data with the Quicken cloud so that you can access it anywhere.  Well if you take quick and Mac and run it on say an iPad you're not syncing with quick and cloud to get your data your data would have to be a database that is local to the iPad.  There isn't any support to sync from a Mac to a Mac so there wouldn't be any support to sync from a Mac to an iPad to a Mac whatever without a lot of work. After all the syncing that is concurrently supported is what you see on Quicken mobile and web which is partial data no way or near enough to support a full system.
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  • Yes, it is overdue! Especially for iPad since it is really becoming the entry level Apple computer. If Quicken would run on iPad OS I would make an iPad my next computer when my Mac expires (does not support Big Sur). I don't need a Mac for anything but Quicken. It would seem very simple to port it over since there is little difference in operating systems.
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