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The best for both worlds

By Janean Comfort
Quicken offers many features in both Quicken Classic for Windows and Quicken Classic for Mac. One of those features that you can find in both is investment tracking. While the core functionality is similar, there may be minor differences in their interface, specific features, and updates between the two. We are going to look at the differences in Windows and Mac for this feature but what is great is that both offer robust investment tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor portfolios, analyze performance, track transactions, and manage investments effectively.

Investment tracking

In the world of finance, keeping track of investment rates is essential for making informed decisions and maximizing returns. Whether you're a experienced investor or just starting, understanding how to monitor and analyze your investments is crucial.

Let's take a look at Quicken Classic for Windows first.

Quicken for Windows offers portfolio management which allows you to track and manage your investment portfolios, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and retirement accounts. Quicken also updates the prices of your investments automatically and provides real-time or delayed quotes depending on your preference.

In Quicken, there are investment reports that you can use to analyze the performance of your investments. You can also create comparison charts and set up asset allocation analysis.

Quicken records investment transactions, like your buys, sells, dividends and capital gains. This makes it easy to track your transactions and reconcile your investment accounts with accuracy.

Additionally to investment reports, Quicken offers tax-related reports and tools, such as capital gains reports, tax summary reports, and tax-related investment insights to help you with tax planning and filing.

Lastly, you have the option to set up alerts and reminders in Quicken that can alert you to significant changes in your investment portfolios and important investment-related deadlines.

In Quicken Classic for Mac, things are slightly different:

Quicken for Mac allows you to monitor your investment portfolios, view investment details, and track investment performance. And like the Windows version, it provides automatic price updates for your investments, keeping you informed about market changes.

You can also record investment transactions, such as buys, sells, dividends, and transfers, to maintain accurate investment records.

Like Quicken for Windows, Quicken for Mac offers investment-related reports, such as investment performance reports, portfolio value reports, and transaction history reports. They may look a little different than what is seen in Windows.

Lastly, while it may not be as an extensive tax-related feature as the Windows version, Quicken for Mac still provides basic investment-related tax information and reports to assist with tax preparation.

Overall, whether you are using Windows or Mac; using Quicken is helpful when it comes to tracking investments. By utilizing these features in Quicken you will stay informed while diversifying your portfolio and making investment decisions that are best for you and your portfolio.

Releases this past month

For the month of March we had releases R55.12, R55.13, and R55.15 for Quicken Classic for Windows. Some highlights from these releases are:

  • Corrected an issue in the Tax Planner where the values and estimated refund / amount due would change when users reviewed the details.
  • Improved One Step Update progress screen with clearer messaging, reduced user interruptions, and faster updates.
  • Fixed various crashes including a crash that sometimes occurred in Quicken's Payee Search.
  • Resolved a problem where customers could not enable Complete Investing for manual accounts after disconnecting from an Express Web Connect (EWC) account.

Before you install any update, we recommend you perform a One Step Update. You should also make a backup of your data file. To see all the current releases for Windows, please visit this support article.

We released 7.6 & 7.6.1 in March for Quicken Classic for Mac users. Some highlights from these releases are:

  • The connection status of hidden accounts is now correctly reported.
  • Now find backup settings on a new Backup tab in the Settings window.
  • In the Tags and Categories lists, you can now hide/show, see the number of uses, and run a report for each used item.

To see all the current releases for Mac, please visit this support article.

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Question of the month

What about Quicken do you like when it comes to tracking your investments? Do you have any tricks or tips to share on how to best monitor your investments and keep track of your portfolios?

Quicken Janean

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  • bw2
    bw2 Member ✭✭✭

    Here is a very nice Quicken feature. Select the Investing Tab, then Portfolio. Group by Security to show the same stocks that are in different accounts. Click on Day Gain/Loss to sort from high to low. Select Update, anytime during the day to get a quick view of the day's gains and losses by security. Updates are every 15 minutes. Gains in order of high to low are at the top, and losses from greatest loss are at the bottom. Change the date and see security gains and losses for any specific day.

  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree that this is a nice feature. But since I primarily hold mutual funds, which only price in the evening, it's of minimal benefit to me even though I hold several funds in multiple accounts.

    Q user since February, 1990. DOS Version 4
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription, Business & Personal
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP

  • Darran_AUS
    Darran_AUS Member ✭✭

    I like being able to track investments by Asset Classes. But with so few to choose from in Quicken Mac it doesn’t provide me with very good reporting. If only there was a way to create my own custom asset class. Just like you can create different transaction categories to suit your own individual needs, this shouldn’t be too hard an update to make.